To The Left, To The Right

January 6, 2009

Annemarie’s right, it is all about Aungier St these days, but not for the reasons she’s giving. For sure, Maven’s an amazing boutique, and Second Chance Vintage has possible potential (once they start realising that a late-90’s Miss Selfridge top doth not a vintage find make). What I’m talking about though, is the Women’s Aid charity shop on Aungier St. Don’t be put off by the annoying ‘WaWa’ name. Don’t flinch at the rows and rows of identikit nice-going-out-tops-with-removable-belts-will-we-go-to-citi-bar-after-work-and-have-a-west-coast-cooler? And whatever you do, don’t let the shop assistant give you a filthy look. Ignore her, and delve straight to the back of the shop where you will currently find:

1. A grey faux-emu jacket, not unlike the one Pixie Geldof was caught wearing recently. I couldn’t find the actual photo, but here’s a mental picture:
This material, but waist length.


The colour of the grey panel on the left.

How much? Fifty quid. Is that too much for you? Never fear, because…

2. A hip-length John Rocha faux grey fox fur jacket is also waiting to be bought. How much for that one? Twenty earth euros.

We’re far too good to you.



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  1. emma said

    happy new years! ireland was absolutly amazing
    lucky you get to live there!

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