there’s always someone cooler than you

January 11, 2009

pic from cooler’s facebook

Aside from the usual ‘olsen twins’, ‘m.i.a.’, ‘mia’, ‘m i a’, ‘sugababes’, ‘sugar babes’ etcetera search terms leading to people to this here blog, recently there’s been a lot of ‘twisted pepper swop shop’ related searches coming our way also. So just for you curious people, I’m going to do a quick fill-in. A new indie night kicks off in the Twisted I-like-it-because-it’s-large Pepper this Thursday 15th January. It shall be known as Cooler Than You. It’s the usual COME HITHER STUDENTS I’M REAL CHEAP deal, with a COOL 5 euro at the door, COOL 3 euro beers and COOL 4 euro vodka and red bull, pretty darn COOL. And yes, it will also feature a COOL swop shop…sorry, party (fingers crossed for COOL old-fashioned party games of pass the parcel and musical statues), so do bring along your COOL unwanted clothes, accessories, dvds, records, cds, cats, dogs, vermin, little brothers and sisters. Do you see how many times I’ve had to use the word COOL? For Pete’s sake, go to the Twisted Pepper this Thursday.

Curiosity still not satisfied? Or want to be virtual cyberspace friends with the club night itself? It lives at facebook and myspace, go say HELLO.

I groan at the thought of another new club night because I know I shall want to go and, hell, I’ll probably really enjoy myself, but really all I want to do is sit around and eat and read and stuff and never go out again. So I’m ‘maybe attending’ facebook styley.



7 Responses to “there’s always someone cooler than you”

  1. tcup said

    are these night just for students?? what about ex students, are we allowed???

  2. bluebirdsaresonatural said

    No dear, everyone is allowed come!xx

  3. B' said

    May I just say this;

    Ben Folds!

  4. bluebirdsaresonatural said

    Do you think maybe we could say it together? That’d be nice.

    One, two, three…BEN FOLDS.


  5. B' said

    damn, I said “one, two, three, BEN FOLDS FIVE, six seven…”

  6. Male-Mode said

    Just added you guys to my blogroll.


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