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January 16, 2009

You might be forgiven for thinking that F stands for ‘flu’. This is a common misconception. Yes, in fact, F actually stands for ‘feck off flu’. Which is exactly what my minor symptoms better do by tomorrow. There is a fierce weird one going around. The thing is, we have another fancy fashion bloggers foodfest brunch to attend to on Sunday and I will not miss it. I do love fashion but I also share a very loving and much longer-term relationship with food. I remember, for years, as a wee girl, I maintained that if granted one wish it would be that I would never get full and could just eat and eat. FAT ASS. I love it. I love it. I love it. The thing is, I’m not exactly a master chef. That’s where Jamie Oliver’s Ministry of Food comes in. My sister and I were gifted with this lovely book for Christmas. It guides you through from the basics (the perfect rice, the perfect eggs, you know, perfect stuff) through tasty takes on common dishes such as curries and stir fries. Once you’ve tried a number of recipes, the idea is to pass your new found knowledge on to friends and family. Rather like a nifty game of pass the parcel, without the time consuming parcelling portion of it, which is good. There’s a very comprehensive website right here which explains it perfectly, without my incessant relating of things to embarrassing childhood memories and party games. Go on then.

OHHH a quick link to the lovely crispy clean blog that is Male-Mode. A very good one it is, and also a recent addition to the brunch line-up. Yum blog. Yum brunch.



2 Responses to “f stands for food blog”

  1. Cillian said

    Food is quite possibly my soulmate. Am muchly excited for the culinary concoctions to be had tomorrow. Must say I am more of a Nigella-lover though!

    Much thanks for the shout-out.

    /Male Mode.

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