Dance Dance Dance

January 18, 2009

We’re only back from the 6th Blogger’s Brunch and, dare I say it, I’ve eaten at least my own body weight in Eggs Benedict. Which is no bad thing. Word on the street is that people want our set-list from Transmission last night. Right-oh:

1. Shake Your Rump- Beastie Boys
2. 17- Ladytron
3. 1234- Feist (Van She Remix)

4. Do It Right- Go! Team
5. Ready for the Floor- Hot Chip
6. Stuck on Repeat- Little Boots

7. Babooshka- Kate Bush
8. Ring My Bell- Donna Summers
9. 2 of Hearts- Stacy Q
10. Burning Down the House- Talking Heads

11. Town Called Malice- The Jam
12. Juicebox- The Strokes
13. Hash Pipe- Weezer
14. Date With the Night- Yeah Yeah Yeahs
15. Hey Scenesters- The Cribs
16. Romantic Rights- DFA 1979

17. Sound of the Underground- Girls Aloud
18. Money- The Flying Lizards
19. Happy as Annie- Larrikin Love
20. Only You- XX Teens

21. Semi Precious Weapons- Semi Precious Weapons
22. Cheer It On- Tokyo Police Club
23. Single Ladies- Beyoncé

In other news, I’m off skiing for the week. I don’t own any practical leisure-wear. For reals. I own, maybe, one pair of tracksuit bottoms, but at least 3 velour rompers. I can’t see this being a problem.



2 Responses to “Dance Dance Dance”

  1. Lyndsay said

    Have fun skiing! I’ve never been


  2. great playlist, let me know when you’re on the decks again. my sequin shoes wanna boogie

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