All The Lovely People

January 25, 2009

Big shout out radio style to the lovely commenters on the previous post. Somewhere on a ski slope in some country or other Ailbhe is thinking of you all, a single appreciative tear rolling down her cheek and freezing half way resulting in a small but excruciatingly painful patch of frostbite. Also to the man who may indeed have been an actual knight in shining armour, I can’t quite remember, who delivered a friend and I from evil and straight to a taxi on Thursday night when we were descended upon by four chuckling men on Grafton Street. Also to my heros, Sarah and Alan, who will welcome you to The Button Factory for TAC this Tuesday. It only happens once a month, so you shouldn’t miss the chance to gather together for a night of freakshow circus-themed fun while their arms remain lovingly opened. However, there will be no big shout out radio style to the many obnoxious people that could be encountered last night in a certain club…we consoled ourselves with the fact that they probably all required anger management, if not now, then at least when the trauma (inevitably severe in their cases) associated with male pattern baldness sets in, poker-straight-side-fringe first, it’s only a matter of decades, just a warning. Where was I, ah yes, have a look at this see…
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