TAC was nice last night, wasn’t it? Quite akin to a playground. I can tell you’re all gagging for your photos because of our search engine traffic today. Technology, eh? Well, seeings as I have an exam tomorrow I’m far too busy procrastinating to be putting up photos/studying/doing anything slightly productive. Friday, friends, Friday.


See you all at Soundcheck/Le Cirque in Spy tomorrow. Yes, all of you. Before eleven it’s free admission and CAKES. DJs include Heathers, Psychic Kids, TainerBang, MishMash and our favourite Quigo in the whole universe.


A Wim Ba Wop

February 24, 2009


Children, Friends and Assorted Scenery, please come out and play tonight. I’m going to be a zebra. Katie’s going to be a lion. It’s all going to be magical. Stuck for something to wear? Pop the below beauty on. It’s only 280e. Steal.


See you later, yeah?

Following on from Jim’s thread about music documentaries, BBC Four are currently showing the smashingsuperextraWONDERFUL ‘Standing in the Shadows of Motown’. It’s an award-winning documentary about the Funk Brothers– a group of musicians who played the backing to most of the Motown records. I don’t like saying ‘played the backing’ though, because really, that undermines what a spectacular group of individuals they were. Here, they talk about creating the intro to my favourite song in the whole wide many-oceaned world:

The documentary is spliced with footage from a 2002 concert, with cameos from Chaka Khan, Joan Osbourne, Bootsy Collins and Ben Harper.

You can buy the soundtrack, the dvd, and the book it’s based on here, or if you’re a lucky BBC iplayer person, you can watch it here. If not, BBC 4 are showing it again at 2am tonight. Well worth staying up for.

Does anyone mind if we close this post with a little bit of Marvin? The video’s a bit industrial, but it’s the only one I could find that had the tambourine intro. That intro breaks my heart right in two, every single time.


Vitement vite, tonight from 9-10 (ish) K-T and I will be playing some records with our friends. Not going to bother linking to them all, there are literally millions. Literally. No exaggeration.

We’ll for defs play this:

We might well play this:

And there is no way we’re not playing this:

A + K


Happy Valentine’s Day. We love YOU. And we love PRESENTS. And it has been a long time since we saw you OR presents. So upsetting.

Swopshop returns. On offer? The above magical embroidered waistcoat. Don’t let the awful photo fool you, it’s pretty amazing. Who would like it, and what will you swop? Alas, this trade is only open to those living in Dublin (or Cork- I’ll be there next weekend) because I can’t afford the postage elsewhere. Trufax.
Right-oh, offers in the comments section. We’ll leave it open until Monday or so.


The Living Dolls

February 12, 2009

My Granny has a fur coat. Actually, both my Grannys have a fur coat [plural of Granny- Grannys or Grannies?]. One each like. Not one to share. Obv. I’ve had my eye on these coats for a while. Alas, I’m at the bottom end of The Will on both sides, so the odds are not in my favour.

The other day I was wearing a big fake fur hat that I found in my dressing up box (see smug looking photo above, taken by the adorable Loreana Rushe.) Someone came up to me, and asked ‘Are we allowed wear real fur now?’ Firstly, I pointed out that my chapeau was, in fact, made from old carpets/teddy bears, then I answered that I didn’t have a problem with wearing vintage fur at all at all. I’m sure it sounds callous, but the animal is dead already. And has been dead for at least 20 years. If I was an animal that had become a fur coat, the least I’d want would be some longevity.

It seems that protesting against fur is an easy cop-out, like vegetarians who eat fish. I understand that there is massive amounts of cruelty to animals in the fur industry, but, equally, there are very strict sanctions in place also- especially in Ireland. Here’s the rub, it’s a business, like everything else. Just as there are battery hens, and organic chickens, there are good furriers, and bad furriers. I honestly don’t know how I feel about wearing a brand-new, freshly-killed mink coat, but I do know that it’s unfair and ignorant to slam an entire industry while still wearing leather shoes (like the protesters outside Barnardo Furs the other day).


BTW, can’t wait for the comments to this. ‘OMG UR so INSEnsitive. H8 u and ur blg will nvr read it agn…’ Let the backlash begin.

ATT: person who used the search term girlsass’s to get to our darling blog.

RE: girlsass’s

I apologise if you felt deceived and mislead when you found yourself here, a place where such things are few and far between. I understand that you laboriously worked your way through dozens (I lost count) of pages suggesting websites that were closely, but obviously not closely enough, related to your chosen search term. Ailbhe and I try our very best to please and we were horrified at the thought that we may not have catered to your personal needs. At the same time, we don’t want to offend anyone, so we are prepared to meet you halfway, while still catering to our more prudent readers.

Yes, that’s me in my new Bikini Jeans by Sandra Tanimura for Sanna and I think you all ought to own a pair. A mere seventy-something euro from the sanna website.

You are SO welcome.


p.s. It’s not actually me. GOTCHA. I did, didn’t I?

Unlike some people, there is nothing, nothing, nothing that Katie-Lilga and I like more than free stuff. We love love love free stuff. We love free mp3s. We love free brunches. We love free invites to gigs, and plays, and art shows. Love them. No really. We might marry them. Not right now, but when we’re both old enough to support them and a family. Best not to rush into these things.

Naturlich, the launch of the restaurant in the Dylan Hotel last night was right up our alley. There was champagne. And oysters. And silly canap├ęs (tomato mush served in a spoon?). But, most importantly, there were crap Irish celebrities. Here’s a list of those that we’re pretty sure we spotted.

1. Glenda Gilson. Looks like a giraffe that’s just fallen out of a tanning booth and into River Island. She is very very tall.

2. A Rugby Player. We don’t know his name. Or even if he plays rugby. But he was stocky, and people were taking his photo.

3. A Crowd of Girls Who Were Either in Glenroe or Fair City. We could tell this because they had very voluminous hair, and necks and ears that sparkled.

A big thank you to Elevate for inviting us. If you’d like, we’ll make you a cup of tea next time you’re in the area.


February is looking hella awesome right now. This weekend, there’s a FBB on and I have a wonderful visitor to show around Dublin and hold hands with. Then on Monday, it’s my BIRTHDAY. That’s not the best bit though, on the 21st of February, Katie-Lilga and I are going on a micro-holiday. We’re going to spend 24 whole hours in Cork, doing the following things.

1. Staying in a hotel that not only has 47 guestrooms, 2 ground floor meeting rooms and 11 serviced holiday suites, it also has a heated courtyard garden with a floodlit waterfall. So excited. Here’s a photo of the waterfall:

2. During our whirlwind trip, we plan to visit every single charity shop in Cork that we can. The easiest way to accomplish this is to click here and type in the city that you want. Ovo for us that would be Cork.

3. In the evening, we’re going to go to the Blog Awards. So far, we’ve been nominated for Best Group Blog, Best Fashion Blog and Best Arts and Culture Blog. It’d be swell if we won something, but since we don’t even know how to vote, this seems unlikely.

4. We’d also like to eat well, and this is where y’all come in. Is there anywhere delicious and cheap and lovely to eat breakfast/dinner/cake in Cork city? We’re very fond of eating and cake. Hook us up yo.


Never Gonna Give You Up

February 1, 2009

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