I Found My Thrill, On Blueberry Hill

February 3, 2009

February is looking hella awesome right now. This weekend, there’s a FBB on and I have a wonderful visitor to show around Dublin and hold hands with. Then on Monday, it’s my BIRTHDAY. That’s not the best bit though, on the 21st of February, Katie-Lilga and I are going on a micro-holiday. We’re going to spend 24 whole hours in Cork, doing the following things.

1. Staying in a hotel that not only has 47 guestrooms, 2 ground floor meeting rooms and 11 serviced holiday suites, it also has a heated courtyard garden with a floodlit waterfall. So excited. Here’s a photo of the waterfall:

2. During our whirlwind trip, we plan to visit every single charity shop in Cork that we can. The easiest way to accomplish this is to click here and type in the city that you want. Ovo for us that would be Cork.

3. In the evening, we’re going to go to the Blog Awards. So far, we’ve been nominated for Best Group Blog, Best Fashion Blog and Best Arts and Culture Blog. It’d be swell if we won something, but since we don’t even know how to vote, this seems unlikely.

4. We’d also like to eat well, and this is where y’all come in. Is there anywhere delicious and cheap and lovely to eat breakfast/dinner/cake in Cork city? We’re very fond of eating and cake. Hook us up yo.



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  1. Lyndsay said

    K I’m not too sure about food BUT there’s a chocolatiers called O’Conaill’s that does amaaaaaaaazing hot chocolate. It’s somewhere off Patrick St I think…

    You’re so lucky you got a Bayswater for your birthday! I’m so jealous. The weekend before my graduation my mom took my dad in Brown Thomas to look at them and I actually fooled myself into believing I was getting one.

  2. Well you asked, so here goes…

    O’Conaill’s is at 16 French Church Street (off Paul Street, near Tesco) – have the hot chocolate!

    If you’re on the move, grab a slice of pizza from Fast Al’s on the corner of South Main Street.

    If it’s a cheap greasy brekkie you’re after, head to Tony’s Bistro (right across the road from Fast Al’s)- he’s the best!

    For sandwiches and soup, you need Joop in the English Market (entrances on the Grand Parade, Patrick Street and Princes Street.

    For sushi, the only place in Cork is Dharma’s Deli, lovely food and lovely people.

    The Liberty Grill on Washington St. is famous among Cork folk for their incredible Crab Burger – sounds suspect, tastes like a party in your mouth.

    Afterwards, get cake in Petits Fours Patisserie, located in the Sugar Cafe on Washington St (http://www.petitsfours.ie) You. Will. Orgasm.

    Check out Positively Eight Street, English Market, Patrick St. entrance for well-priced second hand bits and bobs – you’ll find me at their dress rack every Friday.

    Plugd Records on Washington Street is another must-visit, support local business by buying lots of lovely music and say hi to Albert and Jim.

    I’d keep going, but you’re only here for 24-hours!

  3. bluebirdsaresonatural said

    Lindsay, thanking you.
    Sexy Pedestrian, cannot WAIT to try out this petits fours place. And you KNOW my feelings on eggs. xxxA

  4. bluebirdsaresonatural said

    BTW, will either of yiz be at the Blog Awards?

  5. Lyndsay said

    Sadly I’ll be missing the awards ceremony ‘cos I’m heading to NY tomorrow… but good luck! And enjoy the FBB! Kisses!


  6. Layla said

    English Market English Market English Market. ALL the way. also in my experience all the charity shops are quite rubbish with the exception of the ones by the Shandon bells. they also have a really really nice TX Maxx which is ll spacious and calm.

    If you see my sister say hello and i will honestly make her day and possibly make her friends like her more.

  7. Kitty Cat said

    Tony’s breakfasts are the best thing ever for a hangover, it’s on North Main Street and there’s a heap of charity shops all along there too. Nosh + Coffee on Carey’s Lane do savage paninis, they’re just by Paul St shopping centre. Damn I’m so hungry now!

  8. missmilki said

    It seems the sexy pedestrian has covered pretty much all the important places to know but I’ll just add Cafe Idaho behind Brown Thomas – Its a tiny cute cafe with lovely food but it is really small so it gets kinda busy – And of course the Farm Gate Cafe in the English Market – If you want a really nice proper sit down dinner go to the restaurant and if you just want a cofee and a sandwich/cake go to the cafe and sit at the high ledge/table so you can watch everyone below.

    Have a Fabulous time and good luck with the Blog Awards!

  9. darragh said

    if you dont win the fashion blog award I’ll eat my skinny jeans and leopardskin converse.

  10. tcup said

    oh yea don’t go to scoozies they will suck out your soul!!

  11. Karl said

    I’m expecting footage of your Kate Winslet moment up here within minutes of your win(s).

  12. […] didn’t want to go to Cork anyway. Shortlist fail. We’re not very good losers. As expressed through our texts this […]

  13. chickenballsquish said

    I know this is an old post but I just had to comment because I stayed in this hotel last year! Go Isaacs, go! The only thing greater than the waterfall (and the stupidly cheap price) was the vouyeur style tainted glass walls in the room! I spent far too much time trying to look in the room next door.

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