Let’s Get This Party Started Right

February 5, 2009

Unlike some people, there is nothing, nothing, nothing that Katie-Lilga and I like more than free stuff. We love love love free stuff. We love free mp3s. We love free brunches. We love free invites to gigs, and plays, and art shows. Love them. No really. We might marry them. Not right now, but when we’re both old enough to support them and a family. Best not to rush into these things.

Naturlich, the launch of the restaurant in the Dylan Hotel last night was right up our alley. There was champagne. And oysters. And silly canapĂ©s (tomato mush served in a spoon?). But, most importantly, there were crap Irish celebrities. Here’s a list of those that we’re pretty sure we spotted.

1. Glenda Gilson. Looks like a giraffe that’s just fallen out of a tanning booth and into River Island. She is very very tall.

2. A Rugby Player. We don’t know his name. Or even if he plays rugby. But he was stocky, and people were taking his photo.

3. A Crowd of Girls Who Were Either in Glenroe or Fair City. We could tell this because they had very voluminous hair, and necks and ears that sparkled.

A big thank you to Elevate for inviting us. If you’d like, we’ll make you a cup of tea next time you’re in the area.



6 Responses to “Let’s Get This Party Started Right”

  1. Lyndsay said

    I was slightly disappointed that there wasn’t a chocolate or something in the box instead of the invitation…

  2. Male-Mode said

    I wish I could have been there to witness The Eyebrow in the flesh. *sigh*


  3. Darragh said

    I heard glenda gilsen’s eyebrow crawls off her face at night and slinks out her bedroom window in search of blood.

  4. glen. gilsen said

    not too happy about this girls

  5. Lyndsay said

    Aaaaahhh Katie, an old woman who kept farting was sitting beside me! She didn’t try to talk to me but she kept doing things to try and see if I’d talk to her (making a fuss over her dinner, muttering to herself, laughing at something on the telly) and when she fell asleep, her hand kept falling onto my leg and everytime I moved, she moved, so eventually I was on the edge of my seat.

    It wasn’t all bad though – a family friend ended up sitting across the aisle from me!


  6. Happy Birthday to you x2
    Happy Birthday Dear Ailbhe
    H B T Y !!!!1

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