We Saw The World From The Edge Of Our Seat

February 9, 2009

ATT: person who used the search term girlsass’s to get to our darling blog.

RE: girlsass’s

I apologise if you felt deceived and mislead when you found yourself here, a place where such things are few and far between. I understand that you laboriously worked your way through dozens (I lost count) of pages suggesting websites that were closely, but obviously not closely enough, related to your chosen search term. Ailbhe and I try our very best to please and we were horrified at the thought that we may not have catered to your personal needs. At the same time, we don’t want to offend anyone, so we are prepared to meet you halfway, while still catering to our more prudent readers.

Yes, that’s me in my new Bikini Jeans by Sandra Tanimura for Sanna and I think you all ought to own a pair. A mere seventy-something euro from the sanna website.

You are SO welcome.


p.s. It’s not actually me. GOTCHA. I did, didn’t I?


6 Responses to “We Saw The World From The Edge Of Our Seat”

  1. Male-Mode said

    Surely the most becoming jeans I’ve ever had the privilege of witnessing!


  2. Catherine said

    This the the most shocking and repulsive thing i have ever seen!

  3. julie said

    these jeans were advertised in my local newspaper last week. honest.

  4. emma said


    but then how does one actually wear underwear with these jeans?
    ….or is she going comando

  5. Brilliant. Someone got to TSP today by searching for ‘sexy daschund calendar’ – ?!

  6. Layla said

    i think i could rock that shit.


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