Ah aha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Sorry.

February 25, 2009

TAC was nice last night, wasn’t it? Quite akin to a playground. I can tell you’re all gagging for your photos because of our search engine traffic today. Technology, eh? Well, seeings as I have an exam tomorrow I’m far too busy procrastinating to be putting up photos/studying/doing anything slightly productive. Friday, friends, Friday.


See you all at Soundcheck/Le Cirque in Spy tomorrow. Yes, all of you. Before eleven it’s free admission and CAKES. DJs include Heathers, Psychic Kids, TainerBang, MishMash and our favourite Quigo in the whole universe.


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  1. The misunderstood has always interested me.There’s something about the things we don’t understand….Hopefully someday our science will catch up.

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