Last Night’s Party

March 28, 2009


WAR launched at Spy last night. There was an upsetting lack of warfare, very misleading. The people were far too nice, the music was way too satisfying, the spin the bottle was too romantic, just love everywhere. All over everything. Sick. I’ll go again though, just to be sure. Click here to see the rest of my photos. You could also click here to join the WAR facebook family.




It’s been 14 (FOURTEEN!) years since I made my First Communion. My outfit was spectacular. My mum made a dress covered with pearls, with a matching purse- obv. My headdress involved flowers, ribbons and wire. That’s all background information though. The best bit’s yet to come.

The socks.

My communion socks were sent over from my cousin in Madrid. They were silk. They were white. They also had pearls. (Pearls seem to have been a common theme). They had ribbons. (Ribbons: Also a common theme). They cascaded in little ruffles down my ankles. They were the most beautiful things I have ever owned.

Communion over, my dress was passed onto the next cousin in line, and my white patent Mary-Janes were blackened for school shoes. The socks disappeared into the aether. Something that magical can’t stay around for more than one day.

I kind of want another pair though. The Catholic Children’s Company does a fine range…

These ones aren’t strictly First Communion socks, but still…




o hai soni erikszon. can i haz mirrorfone?

I love my new phone. It’s the stupidest thing ever. Like a really small pet. It actually looks a bit like a tamagotchi. My fingers are too fat to type on it, but that doesn’t really matter. Do you know why? Because every five minutes the phone gets tired and TURNS INTO A MIRROR. Not only that, but it has a game called ‘Quadrapop’. Which is Tetris in all but copyright infringement, and it uses happy smiling musical notation instead of blocks.


You Got It, So Bad

March 13, 2009


Cooler than you settled in nicely at it’s new home in Kennedy’s Underground last night. It was superer than you, lovelier than you, funnier than you, friendlier than you, prettier than you…all those good things you know? If you don’t believe me you’ll have to click here for photographic evidence of all the niceness. See y’all at the next one.



March 13, 2009

I’m in the middle of writing my dissertation. To say that it’s tedious would be a massive understatement. So, to make it more amusing, I’m trying to fit as many song lyrics/band names into it as possible. Kind of like this but less obvious.

So, I give you, Tennesse Williams meets Top of the Pops.

1. Rather than conveying pomp and circumstance, Stanley describes a tawdry, faded affair:
This Tawdry Affair

2. However, the past is a grotesque animal in A Streetcar Named Desire.
The Past Is A Grotesque Animal

3. And in a Streetcar Named Desire, the past is something better best forgotten,
Better Best Forgotten


Only 5,000 more words. Who else will feature?


Some very close friends of mine have something kind of special going on. In an effort to re-imagine and re-engage with poetry, the Dodo Collective are putting on a series of shows called ‘The Jabberwocky Series’, the first of which is called ‘Available Space’ and opens this Thursday the 12th of March. It’s free in, there’ll probably be some wine and it’ll be splendid. Promise. More info HERE HERE HERE and there’s an invite above. Come one and/or all. Sisters brothers mothers cousins and pets. Well. Maybe not pets. Unless they’re wearing hilarious outfits.


Bit of a hair-crush going on over here. Elly Jackson, where have you BEEN all my life?

I think I’d probably need some wax and/or hairspray, but I think this could totes be the beginning of something beautiful. Elly and Ben Langmaid a.k.a. La Roux play support to Lily Allen in the Academy in Dublin on the 16th of March. If you can’t make it, sign up to their mailing list to download La Roux’s debut single for frees, or, watch the follow-up on the fake iphone gadget they’ve got going on over at their Myspace.

Like A Wrestler, Yessir

March 4, 2009

Bullet points again, which can only mean one thing, I’m up to my oxters in college work…

1. I’m a fan of grime, and, despite his baffling bio (‘spurned on by his mates’?) I do like Chipmunk.

2. In other grime news, Lady Sovereign returns, carrying a Cure sample and some girl-ier duds. She’s lost her earlier swagger though. And her sense of humour. And rhythm. Not impressed.

3. Hop across to Catriona and Becky for some f-f-f-f-photographs and f-f-f-phun. Or, if not go BLN-ward and read how Megan’s Germanically capitalized and beneath-the-bread-line days are filled.


I lied again. It’s now Sunday and I come bearing belated TAC photos and begging forgiveness, so sorry etcetera blah blah. Click on the brotherly-sisterly love above or the blossoming guy love below to view the whole lot, the decision is yours. Then go outside and have a picnic and a dip in the paddling pool.