We’re Just A Couple Of Animals

March 1, 2009

I lied again. It’s now Sunday and I come bearing belated TAC photos and begging forgiveness, so sorry etcetera blah blah. Click on the brotherly-sisterly love above or the blossoming guy love below to view the whole lot, the decision is yours. Then go outside and have a picnic and a dip in the paddling pool.




5 Responses to “We’re Just A Couple Of Animals”

  1. ahah… oh lord i can’t believe you let me away with that pose-athon. but i’m glad you did! 😀

    ps. i need my blogging tutorial as soon as i’m back from berlin pleashe xx

  2. Bessie said

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  3. haha! neil and the monkey mask!cool photos x

  4. Neil said

    that mask now accompanies an arctic monkeys tribute band around the uk and ireland.

  5. bluebirdsaresonatural said

    Wowee! Understandable considering how very realistic it is.

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