Those Are The Pearls That Were His Eyes

March 25, 2009

It’s been 14 (FOURTEEN!) years since I made my First Communion. My outfit was spectacular. My mum made a dress covered with pearls, with a matching purse- obv. My headdress involved flowers, ribbons and wire. That’s all background information though. The best bit’s yet to come.

The socks.

My communion socks were sent over from my cousin in Madrid. They were silk. They were white. They also had pearls. (Pearls seem to have been a common theme). They had ribbons. (Ribbons: Also a common theme). They cascaded in little ruffles down my ankles. They were the most beautiful things I have ever owned.

Communion over, my dress was passed onto the next cousin in line, and my white patent Mary-Janes were blackened for school shoes. The socks disappeared into the aether. Something that magical can’t stay around for more than one day.

I kind of want another pair though. The Catholic Children’s Company does a fine range…

These ones aren’t strictly First Communion socks, but still…





9 Responses to “Those Are The Pearls That Were His Eyes”

  1. Lyndsay said

    My dress, socks, bag and hair were covered in ribbons and pearls too. Musta been a ’95 thing. Two things I will never forgive my mother for:

    1) she made me carry a (pearl and ribbon covered) parasol

    2) she refused to let me wear white net gloves.

  2. johnnyforeigner said

    The most beautiful thing you’ve ever owned? But what about Disneyphone?!

  3. bluebirdsaresonatural said

    Lyndsay: So jealz. I had neither of those things. 1st Communions are basically all about accessories. Less is never more.

    Chris: To paraphrase Ten Things I Hate About You:
    ‘There’s a difference between like and love. I mean, I like Disneyphone, but I love Communionsocks’.

  4. Kitty Cat said

    Aw! All the ruffles and pearls were quite a common theme for nineties Communions alright. I had white gloves on for the day but the sensation of rubbing my fingertips together while wearing them really bothered me for some reason.

  5. missmilki said

    We aren’t Catholic so I never had a First Communion – it was pretty unusual for the late 80’s early 90’s. I have a sneaking suspicion that my Mum felt kinda sorry for me because at different times she bought me a pair of those frilly socks, a white frilly parasol and a pair of light pink sparkly not-at-all-practical-for-a-seven-year-old Magic Key shoes. I remember getting the shoes in Clarkes and feeling like a princess – and the day we got the parasol in Roches Stores. Good memories!

  6. My mom made me be all classy – I wasn’t allowed a parasol or gloves. First Communions are not about understatement Mom. Duh. And I couldn’t get the slip-on shoes I wanted because my feet were too long and skinny. I had to get ugly T-bar ones instead. Still bitter. Lx.

  7. bluebirdsaresonatural said

    Kitty: So jealz of your gloves
    Miss Milki: SO INCREDIBLY JEALZ OF YOUR MAGIC KEY SHOES. I wasn’t allowed them. Boo hiss.
    Lynne: I would have let you get the shoes. A 1st communion is all about white patent dreamshoes.

  8. Layla said


    this is a fact. do not dispute it. mine were white, the key was gold… i thought i could take the key out and it would in fact be magic…

  9. SOS! said

    ooh i like the extra drama in last pair.
    xx-LJ from SOS!

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