Last Night’s Party

March 28, 2009


WAR launched at Spy last night. There was an upsetting lack of warfare, very misleading. The people were far too nice, the music was way too satisfying, the spin the bottle was too romantic, just love everywhere. All over everything. Sick. I’ll go again though, just to be sure. Click here to see the rest of my photos. You could also click here to join the WAR facebook family.




4 Responses to “Last Night’s Party”

  1. Layla said

    when’s teh next one btw?

  2. Fayoona said

    phew ailbhe, glad you remember as otherwise i mighta passed for a mega stalker. yesh i was a brunette back then.
    fyi: you are looking awesome! sziget seems like an age ago… i’m doing good, graduating in june and trying to find a job! eeek! xx

  3. SOS! said

    hehe seems fun!!
    xx-LJ from SOS!

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