Andy, You’re A Star

April 4, 2009

At this stage, we’re really just a glorified events guide*, but normal service will resume when FUN THINGS STOP HAPPENING RIGHT AFTER EACH OTHER. So, tonight, we present: Under the Neon.

You’re Only Massive launch their brand new single at The Hideaway House (probably the coolest venue in Dublin) tonight at 6pm. Entry is 5e and will also get you a lovely 7”. Smashing. Y.O.M. will play a set (obv) and so will Babybeef. If that’s not enough, I’ll be running ‘Under the Neon Red Carpet’, which is the reason why my garage is currently full of fairy lights and a massive red carpet. Oh yes. See you there k?


*If this is annoying you, you could go read my boyfriend’s blog. Though it offers less events, it’s stupid funny.


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