Breeding Lilacs Out of the Dead Land

April 21, 2009

Anyone else feel a bit overwhelmed?* Me too. Katie-Lilga three. Hate April. HATE it. With the force of my Granny’s love for the Pope. (Srsly, Gran got a letter from the Pope the other day). So, what could make April better?

1. Snacks. For defs. Banana on crackers p’raps?

2. Bangin’ choons like the new Patrick Wolf.

3. New internet people in the vein of the now long-lost Eoin NEIL Changes His Look.

4. And this song. Always this song.

*BTW, for the etymology of ‘whelmed’ check out Bianca’s thesis in TTIHAY



3 Responses to “Breeding Lilacs Out of the Dead Land”

  1. momo said

    It’s NEIL changes his look. I miss Neil.

  2. bluebirdsaresonatural said

    Neil was my favourite bit of the internet.

  3. Ruth said

    Now Ailbhe, let’s not forget that April showers bring May flowers!

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