New In Town

April 29, 2009

The new Little Boots video is finally on the internet, free and happily roaming like some kind of young animal. Earlier on today though, it was not. That being the case, I constructed a blow by blow re-enactment (not in the Tom McCarthy way, more in an E True Hollywood Story way.)

This is basically what happens. In pictures. If you’d like to recreate the sense of watching a music video, you could maybe wiggle your computer screen a bit. Or blink quickly.

1. Little Boots is in a car. Here is a picture of a car.

2. Little Boots sees some homeless people with trolleys. She is wearing a mermaid dress. This is a picture of a mermaid figurine:

3. Little Boots has a dance with the trolleys. Here are some old people dancing with trolleys. They are not Little Boots.

4. Little Boots seems to wander into The Wire. Here is a picture of some wire.

There are also some more cars, but we’ve looked at a picture of a car already. The real video is here, if you need to see it. I think the above is quite enough though.



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