We’re Going to Have a Good Time Good Time

May 1, 2009

Hands up who likes nice things, please.
Hands up who likes lovely music, please.
Hands up who likes Ailbhe and Katie-Lilga, please.

Well done. Now that’s settled, combine all three of the above at Spy tonight. Free in, loadsa music and a bottle of wine for a tenner. Amazing. It lives on the internet here.


P.S. Above photo the result of google images’ definition of ‘animals having fun’.


One Response to “We’re Going to Have a Good Time Good Time”

  1. OK animals having fun are too cute. Is the cat sitting on a pig. Or is it a dog? It doesn’t have a curly tail and it’s not pink so it’s probably a dog. But it has feet like a pig. Lx.

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