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May 21, 2009

We have such a dubious claim to being a ‘fashion blog’ that we surprise even ourselves when the term gets bandied about. Sure we were nominated in the Irish Blog Awards under that category, and go to the Fashion Blogger’s Brunches, but, really, we like to think of ourselves as ‘Life and Style’ (thanks for the title, Clare Dot). As such, when we actually feature, fashion items it comes as an equal shock to us as to you, dear readers. Nonetheless, a DIY post.

I wanted to have a pair of Rumi-style boots, but do not make megabucks. I am an enterprising creature, however, and fond of not studying for exams. Thusly, I found an old pair of ankle boots, some straps from an old bag, and some chain headbands from Primark, and set to work. And safety pins. I am not an able seamstress.

blog 002
Do you like my lo-fi camera skills? And how about the lay-out of materials you might need? Also, I forgot to take a photo at the very start. Just imagine the boots have no chains on them at all. Ok, great.

Then, basically, I stuck them all on. Literally. With glue. And safety pins. Like I said, I am not an able seamstress. (Unlike the Offshoot Girls, swoon)

blog 004

This is the end result. I’m very excited about wearing them. Except not on my bike. I fear they’ll get caught in the chain and I will end up, really embarrassed, in ER.

blog 003
En-chain-ting, n’est pas?



5 Responses to “Make and Do”

  1. I love the use of different textured chains and also the subtle colour shades.I wish I had half the skills of ‘make do and mend’ that you have :}

  2. Catherine said

    I am very impressed with this. Im glad to see our sewing influence is rubbing off on you. I took in the yellow skirt by the way and will post some pictures soon. It is soo fabulous. Thanks again.
    Cat x

  3. Lyndsay said

    Well done, Ailbhe! These are fab!

  4. Katie said

    Bloody brilliant!

  5. Elizabeth said

    I’m getting boot love! Amazingo! Where did you get the boots?

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