Turn to the Left! Fashion! Turn to the Right!

June 18, 2009

I was massively impressed by the Grafton Academy End of Year Show the other night. Not only was it better run than other shows I’ve been to (not mentioning any names, although having an organised seating plan goes a long way, you know, cough Nokia Young Designer cough) but the standard was sky high. Being an idiot, I left all my notes behind, so this is a vague, cloudily remembered resumĂ©.

-Models wore peroxide blonde bobbed wigs, coupled with feathery eyelashes and a stubborn pout, meaning that, essentially, a young blonde Jean Shrimpton modelled each outfit.

-Pieces were, for the most part, both influenced by avant-fashion, and also immensely wearable. Stand-outs included a beautiful feathered miniskirt, a gorgeously cut silk backless shirt, and a white wool cape.

Annemarie and Arsheen should have better photos up soon, but here’s a selection of the press shots. Youngsters, bien fait*.






*I say ‘youngsters’, most of them were older than me…



6 Responses to “Turn to the Left! Fashion! Turn to the Right!”

  1. can’t believe you got to go to it! cursed trips to the other side of the world. Must find out which pieces are Ollie’s.

  2. Male Mode said

    oh how lovely, any menswear at all? i’m thinking no considering your comment on the abundance of Jean Shrimpton models…


  3. bluebirdsaresonatural said

    None actually, Cillian. Weirdly enough.

  4. ANONYMOUS said

    Trace isn’t Billy Ray’s son. Check yo facts.

  5. Lyndsay said

    Ooooooooooooooooh… Me likey.

  6. Oh shes just beautiful.All fashion clothes suits with her.

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