June 26, 2009

I’ve been having a difficult day so far. The only things that show signs of helping to abate this are, luckily, my two favourite things.

1. Animals
I’ve been google imaging ‘puppies on parade’ frantically. The results have not been displeasing.

2. Gadgets
Katie-Lilga and I both recieved a Slendertone (O HAI 1999) in the post the other day. My only memories of the Slendertone were these two girls that I met at band camp when I was about 14. They had, literally, abs that were as hard as concrete, mixed with steel. I’m very excited.I have images of myself watching ‘Come Dine With Me’, whirring and beeping away.


P.S. Picture is of the Cat Bus from My Neighbour Totoro- a fine combination of both animals, and gadgets.


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  1. […] how I said how I loved gadgets? Well, last week, not only did I recieve a Slendtone, I also gained, thanks to the F.B.B a pair of […]

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