Wave Euro Hands and Euro Feet, Pt2.

July 12, 2009

We’re big eurovision fans, round BBASN way.
Does anybody remember this O-town-esque gem, below, from 2002? It even has its own wikipedia page:
“Northern Girl” is a song by the band Prime Minister. It represented Russia in the Eurovision Song Contest 2002. The singers all wore identical white suits. The song was about a girl who appeared to have a heart of ice, but had stolen the heart of the singer.


Now, we have another eurostud (in name if in nothing else), the young Frankmusik , who has written another song about a girl. No word as of yet as to which materials constitute her heart.

Even though these two songs concern two different girls, they are basically the same thing. Maybe we could do a remix, or a ‘mash-up’.



3 Responses to “Wave Euro Hands and Euro Feet, Pt2.”

  1. duffy said

    why does frankmusik hav a giant brick phone (@ 2.19)? is that super cool and vintage now? because there’s only so much inconvenience i will put up with for the sake of fashion and it certainly doesn’t cover phones that weigh more then a small child.

  2. Ailbhe said

    I think it is retro. It’s also set in an alternate, ‘confused’ universe, as it were, where asymetric dresses and Holly Valance rule supreme.

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