Hey! Been Tryin To Meet You

July 23, 2009

Remember these guys? Well, they’re at it again. Tonight, in the same space, they’re putting on an exhibition. You should go. It’d be good. Bit of culture. Get out and meet some people like. Yeah. I think so too. See you there? Meet you at the Luas?

Here’s the relevant info:
An exhibition of the new collection by Spanish artist David Agenjo will take place from 23rd July-28th July in Smithfield, Dublin. This exciting new work will be showcased in an unused retail space which has been converted into a pop up gallery.

Agenjo is an artist and graphic designer born and raised in Madrid. In 2007, he moved to Dublin, and the magnitude of that change in his life inspired the creation of his latest collection.

Up & Down in Town collects urban landscapes which show the city from the artist’s perspective. Agenjo’s purpose goes further than a simple representation of images in attempting to reveal the city’s spirit, energy and mood. Agenjo uses a figurative style to expose the emotion of the city’s reality.

“Colour is my delight, I always try to bring out its very best potential working on its’ qualities of light and look for the best combination possible from it. Without a doubt my main objective has been to find that atmosphere which from my point of view makes Dublin unique.”

In addition to Agenjo’s representation of the city, he will also show through five self portraits, a more intimate work, communicating without words a frustration and impotence resulting from the language barrier.


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  3. I found your place on a Google search while looking for something entirely different. So much for my free time today. Thanks. 😉

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