Country Grammar

July 26, 2009

After a delicious FBB (cheers M&S, and also Ams) I was only really good for an afternoon of light reading. So I bought the new i-D. Man was I disappointed.

Firstly, let me just preface this by saying;

1. As a magazine, I quite like i-D, and I buy it most months.
2. As a journalist myself, I understand how sometimes typos get the better of most people.

However, what follows is just embarassing.

Over the 162 pages, there were a mortifying amount of mistakes. I’m not just talking typos though, and though it’s tempting, I’ll not do a page-by-page roll call. Suffice to say that:
In the lead story alone (one on Lily Allen), they mix up ‘heirs’ and ‘airs’. That’s not forgetting the constant ‘lets’ vs ‘let’s’ and ‘its’ vs it’s’. Elsewhere, they misspell ‘arctic’ and in a spread on Stephen Dorff, get the colour of his eyes wrong. Despite there being 3 full-page photos of him and his green-not-blue-eyes preceding the write-up.

‘Aged 35, has eyes of blue’ Cheers i-D

Hmph. Looks like it’s back to Dazed for me, so.



7 Responses to “Country Grammar”

  1. Zoe said

    One magazine i am loathe to find in Dublin is ‘Lula’, its frustrating having to shell out loads for it online.
    Hm, I never ventured to buy i-D though i had considered it at times, you’ve warned me off. ta!

  2. bluebirdsaresonatural said

    Indeed. Lula is lu-lovely. Ahem.

  3. MC said

    Ailbhe, your pedantic ways warm my similarly inclined heart.

  4. Wow he looks handsome.

  5. darragh said

    Ailbhe will you help me with commas some time? I struggle. Really, I do.

  6. bluebirdsaresonatural said

    Of course. Use a comma where you’d take a breath in a sentence. I think. x

  7. jimkottar said

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    I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.

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