AM to PM

August 12, 2009

This is a post I’ve been meaning to write for a while. Both us Bluebirds lead busy lives. Lives that involve going from one place, to another, and then another still. Last Friday, I went from work to dinner, to DJing. I needed a practical outfit for the office, but something that would see me through a night out. I needed, in short, to be living in Grazia.
I did not need to be wearing the below.

High heels? White tuxedo jacket? WTF?

Here’s the kicker, friends. It’s impossible to try and incorporate 3 separate outfits for 3 separate occasions into one. Something’s always going to look a bit off. So, which is more important? Looking well at work? Or looking slammin’ on the dancefloor? I think we all know the answer to that one. Either way, there are some tips I can give.

1. Make-up.
Obv you want your day to be as hassle free as possible. Obv again you don’t want to be lugging your make-up bag around for 24 hours. So, put it all on at the start. Go on. Unless you’re 12, there shouldn’t be too much glitter involved, and unless you’re 15, things should be light-ish on the eyeliner side. It’ll be fine. Honest. You’ll look a bit fancy for typing at a screen from 10-6 but whatevs. Haters gonna hate.

BRB making an Excel spreadsheet

2. Clothes.
Same as with make-up, you want this to be as hassle free as poss. However, unless you’re mad for classy trousers/sophis jacket combos for nightwear, this is going to be a little difficult. What you want is a cover-up. Again, bearing in mind that something is going to look a bit off, either whack a jumper on on top of your dress, or a skirt on over a shorter shorts/skirt/dress. Fine. Grand. As regards shoes, you’re going to have to bite the bullet. Decide: can you do the whole day/night in heels? If so, fair play. If not, grab some flats.

Maybe too many layers, alas.

3. Bag
This is going to be difficult. So far, your bag is going to need to carry your day to day stuff (bike lights, keys, bottle of water, purse, book), your stored-away cover-up for later on, and whatever excess make-up you brought. It’s also going to have to do for dancing with. So basically a shoulder strappy satchel thing should do the job. Obv. No need to go on.
Not Satchel Allen. Wrong Satchel.

4. The Alternative
Is to just bung everything you could possibly need into a canvas bag, including change of clothes, get changed in the toilets and dump the bag in the cloakroom. But Grazia never mention that option.



Pro Nails

August 9, 2009

Did anybody know that there was a NATIONAL NAIL COMPETITION? No, nor did I. Now I do and I’m too excited to breathe. Very inconvenient.

The deadline is August 28th, and all info is here. Enough of that though, it gets better.

The top five categories are:
Everyday Extensions
Tip and Overlay with UV Gel and Liquid/Powder
and and and and

The inspiration for the Photographic section is….Irish Myths and Legends.
So, I imagine something like the below, but on each nail, a figurine detailing a section of the saga of Deirdre of the Sorrows?

Competition is open to students and all. You’re not allowed steal my Deirdre of the Sorrows idea.


Can’t Speak French #4

August 3, 2009

JLS. UK Number 1. One of their members would appear to be French, or, at least have a French-sounding name (holla! Ortise). But, can they speak French?

‘Cause you’re the only
one i let in
Tell me how to stop
This Feeling
I’m hoping somehow
That you know
Ooh Ooh

Let’s just get back together,
We should’ve never broke up
They’re telling me
That my heart won’t beat again
We should’ve stayed together
’cause when you left me it stopped
They’re telling me
That my heart won’t beat again

causez votre le seul un que j’ai laissé dedans
Dites-moi comment m’arrêter Ce sentiment
Propagation I’ m espérant de façon ou d’autre
Que vous savez
Ooh Ooh
Let’ s reviennent juste ensemble,
nous should’ve le jamais ne s’est vers le haut cassé
They’re me disant
Que mon coeur won’t battement de encore
nous should’ ve est resté ensemble
la cause quand vous me l’avez laissé a arrêté
They’re me disant Que mon coeur won’t battement de encore

‘ cause your only one that j’ left
Dites me inside how to stop This feeling
Propagation hoping for way or d’ other
Which you know
Ooh Ooh
Let’s return just together, us should the never to the top
They is broken
saying to me that my heart won’t beat of still
us should’ve remained ‘ together
the cause when you me left stopped
They’re saying to me That my heart won’t beat of still.

Well the sentiment remains, if nothing else.

The Verdict? JLS: Can Speak French.