Pro Nails

August 9, 2009

Did anybody know that there was a NATIONAL NAIL COMPETITION? No, nor did I. Now I do and I’m too excited to breathe. Very inconvenient.

The deadline is August 28th, and all info is here. Enough of that though, it gets better.

The top five categories are:
Everyday Extensions
Tip and Overlay with UV Gel and Liquid/Powder
and and and and

The inspiration for the Photographic section is….Irish Myths and Legends.
So, I imagine something like the below, but on each nail, a figurine detailing a section of the saga of Deirdre of the Sorrows?

Competition is open to students and all. You’re not allowed steal my Deirdre of the Sorrows idea.



6 Responses to “Pro Nails”

  1. Wow beautiful Nails in the pic.

  2. Très belle photos avec les ongles très original

  3. Jane said

    oh my gosh! I can’t believe those nails, they are insane!! lol

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