To be sure, to be sure

September 16, 2009

Favourite boots, meet the blog, blog, meet my favourite boots. I will start by saying that this post is specifically directed at those readers who, like me, are sensible (unrealistic), and strong-willed (stubborn), and rarely spend more than €20 on a pair of shoes. Fact is, while they might glitter and shine amongst the dusty tat in a Capel Street charity shop, get C.S.I.’s Calleigh Duquesne and her fancy equipment on their case and she will uncover a layer of glue that has all but given up on sticking stuff together. V. criminal and v. tragic, I know, right? Totally. Over the past year I have thrown out three pairs of FAV EVER shoes after the cobbler’s €2 job lasted less than a day. I’m sure other people have had more success going the professional route but when these two boots started flapping away at the toe I figured it was time for a D.I.Y. After one quick google I decided on Stormsure via this shop on eBay.

I followed the instructions to the letter, was quite generous with the glue, and the 15g tube was enough for the two pairs of boots, the soles of which had become completely detached. So far, there has been no loosening around the edges, but it remains to be seen how a wet Irish winter will affect the result. However, for around the €8 mark, I think this was an excellent solution.

Oh Calleigh (2.10 below, yes).


P.S. Apologies to the 16,000 people who visited this blog for the big Crop Circle Debate ‘09. We do actually talk about other things. Sorry, I mean, we only talk about other things.


6 Responses to “To be sure, to be sure”

  1. enough of the tips bring back the crop circles!

  2. Male Mode said

    These are just too lovely. Never let them die!


  3. Zoe said

    be sure to let us know how they survive the puddles!

  4. Elles sont magnifiques ces chaussures en serpent très stylé j’adore

  5. stormsure said

    I have used Stormsure to repair my rubber boots and it has worked a treat. I managed to make a nasty rip in the foot with some barbed wire. 2 years later and they still keep the water out. It really is excellent stuff. I also use it for fixing holes in tents, leaking seams in waterproof clothing and putting loose chair legs back in the hole permanently! Very versatile product and miles cheaper than a professional repair.

  6. Andrea said

    I love it! Lovely.

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