We like taking photos of people whose outfits make our eyes go WOW. We also like to listen to music that make our hearts go WOW. We like making new friends and dinosaurs.

Sometimes we have a Clothes Swop Shop through the blog. Bartering is the name of the game. Normally the clothes are carried on. If you’d like to swap at any time, they’re all stored in the page ‘The Writing’s on the Wall’. Can you see it? Go on, have a look. Yeah? Grand. Take what you’d like.

In between we have mixtapes. These mixtapes contain songs that we both have paid for, and are not sharing for profit. We do it because we like music. And making friends. If you don’t want your song featured, either remove it yourself, or we will do it very very promptly. We don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. Promise.

Sometimes, out in the real world, we play djmusic. Would you like us to play? Email bluebirdsaresonatural@gmail.com.

We love you very much. xxx ailbhe and katie-lilga


6 Responses to “You What?”

  1. annmarie said

    hello ladies

    thanks for the lovely jubbly blog. love it! i’ve blog rolled you on i blog fashion.

    all the best

    a x

  2. bluebirdsaresonatural said

    thanks annmarie, we’ve done likewise 🙂

  3. UnaRocks said

    yo bluebirds, can you drop me a mail? umullally AT tribune DOT ie


    Una x

  4. Our Bees Make Honey said


    thanks for putting my blog in your links.
    once ive accumulated enough links to warrant
    a blog section on mine ill return the favour.



  5. ruanvv said

    now THIS is a blog! great stuff ladies.

    take care
    ruan (nickthinks…)

  6. Fayoona said

    hey there! love the blog, and the swapshop idea is awesome.. also EXTREMELY random query.. ailbhe, i think i hung out with you in sziget like six million years ago (fiona from cork if it rings any bells.. i could be completely wrong and off the mark though..)love what you are doing now 😀
    SOS-er fi xx

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