Erm, Hello.

December 8, 2009

Hello readers. If we still have any.

Although Bluebirds seems never to update any more, you can see what I’ve been spending my time on herehere and here.

In other news, I’m obsessed with this.


(Sc)arf (Sc)arf

November 11, 2009

Well, the post title’s filled our requisite laboured pun quota for the day. Well done to all those who entered the scarf competition. The winning photos are below. You know who you are. Your scarves are winging their little ways to you, in the post yes yes. Well, they will once we’ve emailed you asking for your address.

May we present:

Toby ‘being embarassed’
Happy Birthday Clí

Santa George
france 2009 007

Now. That’s that.



October 6, 2009

Hello Blog. I am the worst co-blog owner ever. I AM SORRY. I have been doing so many manymany things, which you can read about here (which is almost as badly updated as poor old B.B.A.S.N).

Here is a quick recap though. Imagine it as a montage. That’s more fun. I moved to London and am now living with Layla and other lovely people. And I am freelancing manically. And I’m going to New York in a week’s time.

In other news, I am the worst-packing emigrant ever to leave the Island. It’s now October, and since I didn’t pack a coat, I now just layer jumpers like there’s no tomorrow. Great. But, yknow, I did bring two leotards. Which has got to count for something.

Right, well, that was suitably slapdash. Let’s pop up a youtube clip for the closer, and remember happier times, when this blog was updated more than once a month.


Pro Nails

August 9, 2009

Did anybody know that there was a NATIONAL NAIL COMPETITION? No, nor did I. Now I do and I’m too excited to breathe. Very inconvenient.

The deadline is August 28th, and all info is here. Enough of that though, it gets better.

The top five categories are:
Everyday Extensions
Tip and Overlay with UV Gel and Liquid/Powder
and and and and

The inspiration for the Photographic section is….Irish Myths and Legends.
So, I imagine something like the below, but on each nail, a figurine detailing a section of the saga of Deirdre of the Sorrows?

Competition is open to students and all. You’re not allowed steal my Deirdre of the Sorrows idea.


Country Grammar

July 26, 2009

After a delicious FBB (cheers M&S, and also Ams) I was only really good for an afternoon of light reading. So I bought the new i-D. Man was I disappointed.

Firstly, let me just preface this by saying;

1. As a magazine, I quite like i-D, and I buy it most months.
2. As a journalist myself, I understand how sometimes typos get the better of most people.

However, what follows is just embarassing.

Over the 162 pages, there were a mortifying amount of mistakes. I’m not just talking typos though, and though it’s tempting, I’ll not do a page-by-page roll call. Suffice to say that:
In the lead story alone (one on Lily Allen), they mix up ‘heirs’ and ‘airs’. That’s not forgetting the constant ‘lets’ vs ‘let’s’ and ‘its’ vs it’s’. Elsewhere, they misspell ‘arctic’ and in a spread on Stephen Dorff, get the colour of his eyes wrong. Despite there being 3 full-page photos of him and his green-not-blue-eyes preceding the write-up.

‘Aged 35, has eyes of blue’ Cheers i-D

Hmph. Looks like it’s back to Dazed for me, so.


Remember these guys? Well, they’re at it again. Tonight, in the same space, they’re putting on an exhibition. You should go. It’d be good. Bit of culture. Get out and meet some people like. Yeah. I think so too. See you there? Meet you at the Luas?

Here’s the relevant info:
An exhibition of the new collection by Spanish artist David Agenjo will take place from 23rd July-28th July in Smithfield, Dublin. This exciting new work will be showcased in an unused retail space which has been converted into a pop up gallery.

Agenjo is an artist and graphic designer born and raised in Madrid. In 2007, he moved to Dublin, and the magnitude of that change in his life inspired the creation of his latest collection.

Up & Down in Town collects urban landscapes which show the city from the artist’s perspective. Agenjo’s purpose goes further than a simple representation of images in attempting to reveal the city’s spirit, energy and mood. Agenjo uses a figurative style to expose the emotion of the city’s reality.

“Colour is my delight, I always try to bring out its very best potential working on its’ qualities of light and look for the best combination possible from it. Without a doubt my main objective has been to find that atmosphere which from my point of view makes Dublin unique.”

In addition to Agenjo’s representation of the city, he will also show through five self portraits, a more intimate work, communicating without words a frustration and impotence resulting from the language barrier.

Ailbhe and Katie-Lilga,

Bluebirds Are So Natural,
The Internet,
The World.

Dear the Blog,

We haven’t been very good recently. Our amazing lives became difficult. The normally fun things that both you and we enjoy have been swallowed by a massive hole of not-fun. Terribly inconvenient. We’ll be back soon, promise, and we’ll spend some quality time. We’ll try and make it up to you. Not sure how. But we totes will. As a present, will you accept a video-clip of our all-time-favourite-thing-ever? That being animals doing things that animals don’t normally do.



Faits Divers #2

April 14, 2009

1. OMG Harlequin in Castle Market have a half price sale on. Leather jackets for ten earth euros? Dresses for fifteen? Run along stat.

2. Benefit founders Jean and Jane Ford are making a PA at Brown Thomas this Friday. For 40e they’ll do your make-up for you. Plus the money’s redeemable against any Benefit product. Book a place by ringing 01 617 1139.

3. Gosh. We never promote things that actually cost money. Well, seldomly. The above two were exceptions to the rule. Luckily, on Friday the 1st of May, we’ll be hosting the second ever Songs for Swinging Children in Spy. It runs from 7pm-11pm, 2-4-1 (lol) cocktails and all other lovely things. Facebook event here.


Like A Wrestler, Yessir

March 4, 2009

Bullet points again, which can only mean one thing, I’m up to my oxters in college work…

1. I’m a fan of grime, and, despite his baffling bio (‘spurned on by his mates’?) I do like Chipmunk.

2. In other grime news, Lady Sovereign returns, carrying a Cure sample and some girl-ier duds. She’s lost her earlier swagger though. And her sense of humour. And rhythm. Not impressed.

3. Hop across to Catriona and Becky for some f-f-f-f-photographs and f-f-f-phun. Or, if not go BLN-ward and read how Megan’s Germanically capitalized and beneath-the-bread-line days are filled.



Happy Valentine’s Day. We love YOU. And we love PRESENTS. And it has been a long time since we saw you OR presents. So upsetting.

Swopshop returns. On offer? The above magical embroidered waistcoat. Don’t let the awful photo fool you, it’s pretty amazing. Who would like it, and what will you swop? Alas, this trade is only open to those living in Dublin (or Cork- I’ll be there next weekend) because I can’t afford the postage elsewhere. Trufax.
Right-oh, offers in the comments section. We’ll leave it open until Monday or so.