(Sc)arf (Sc)arf

November 11, 2009

Well, the post title’s filled our requisite laboured pun quota for the day. Well done to all those who entered the scarf competition. The winning photos are below. You know who you are. Your scarves are winging their little ways to you, in the post yes yes. Well, they will once we’ve emailed you asking for your address.

May we present:

Toby ‘being embarassed’
Happy Birthday Clí

Santa George
france 2009 007

Now. That’s that.



To be sure, to be sure

September 16, 2009

Favourite boots, meet the blog, blog, meet my favourite boots. I will start by saying that this post is specifically directed at those readers who, like me, are sensible (unrealistic), and strong-willed (stubborn), and rarely spend more than €20 on a pair of shoes. Fact is, while they might glitter and shine amongst the dusty tat in a Capel Street charity shop, get C.S.I.’s Calleigh Duquesne and her fancy equipment on their case and she will uncover a layer of glue that has all but given up on sticking stuff together. V. criminal and v. tragic, I know, right? Totally. Over the past year I have thrown out three pairs of FAV EVER shoes after the cobbler’s €2 job lasted less than a day. I’m sure other people have had more success going the professional route but when these two boots started flapping away at the toe I figured it was time for a D.I.Y. After one quick google I decided on Stormsure via this shop on eBay.

I followed the instructions to the letter, was quite generous with the glue, and the 15g tube was enough for the two pairs of boots, the soles of which had become completely detached. So far, there has been no loosening around the edges, but it remains to be seen how a wet Irish winter will affect the result. However, for around the €8 mark, I think this was an excellent solution.

Oh Calleigh (2.10 below, yes).


P.S. Apologies to the 16,000 people who visited this blog for the big Crop Circle Debate ‘09. We do actually talk about other things. Sorry, I mean, we only talk about other things.

Pro Nails

August 9, 2009

Did anybody know that there was a NATIONAL NAIL COMPETITION? No, nor did I. Now I do and I’m too excited to breathe. Very inconvenient.

The deadline is August 28th, and all info is here. Enough of that though, it gets better.

The top five categories are:
Everyday Extensions
Tip and Overlay with UV Gel and Liquid/Powder
and and and and

The inspiration for the Photographic section is….Irish Myths and Legends.
So, I imagine something like the below, but on each nail, a figurine detailing a section of the saga of Deirdre of the Sorrows?

Competition is open to students and all. You’re not allowed steal my Deirdre of the Sorrows idea.


Weird Science

July 5, 2009

Remember I said how I loved gadgets? Well, last week, not only did I recieve a Slendertone, I also gained, thanks to the F.B.B, a pair of Fit Flops. I suppose it’s only fair, being a fan of impartial judgement, to compare and rate them. Let’s use some headings:

1. The Silly Tagline

FIT FLOP: “It’s the flip-flop with a gym built in”
SLENDERTONE: “There’s only one Slendertone”

WINNER: Fit flop, I think. Not only is it a ridiculous mental image, it also encapsulates the apparent appeal of the item.

2. The Science Bit

FIT FLOP: Unique MicroWobble-board technology.
SLENDERTONE: Electric shocky things

WINNER: Em, I’m not sure. Perhaps the Slendertone, for erring on the side of actual scientific logic.

3. Practicality

FIT FLOP: These are rank-looking. Like MBT’s but in sandal form. But, while it doesn’t feel like walking on clouds, neither are they massively uncomfortable.
SLENDERTONE: The item claims that you can work while wearing it. Not if your job entails doing something that requires any kind of steady hand. Jackson Pollock is the only person I can think of, and even still, it’d probably annoy him.

WINNER: Fit flop.

4. People I Know That Own One.

FIT FLOP: Nobody. But I’ve seen women around the place wearing them. So clearly there’s a market.
SLENDERTONE: Those two girls from band camp years ago.

WINNER: Fit flop.

Well done, the fit flop. Of course, we should have known that from the start, had we only examined the ‘wearer feedback’ on the press release.

Let’s leave the final words to Tahira:

“I just bought a pair from Victoria’s Secret and they are the most comfortable shoes I own. They help me to WORK OUT ALL DAY LONG. I have difficulty finding comfortable ‘cute’ shoes. Well, FitFlops are amazing. I love them.”



I was massively impressed by the Grafton Academy End of Year Show the other night. Not only was it better run than other shows I’ve been to (not mentioning any names, although having an organised seating plan goes a long way, you know, cough Nokia Young Designer cough) but the standard was sky high. Being an idiot, I left all my notes behind, so this is a vague, cloudily remembered resumé.

-Models wore peroxide blonde bobbed wigs, coupled with feathery eyelashes and a stubborn pout, meaning that, essentially, a young blonde Jean Shrimpton modelled each outfit.

-Pieces were, for the most part, both influenced by avant-fashion, and also immensely wearable. Stand-outs included a beautiful feathered miniskirt, a gorgeously cut silk backless shirt, and a white wool cape.

Annemarie and Arsheen should have better photos up soon, but here’s a selection of the press shots. Youngsters, bien fait*.






*I say ‘youngsters’, most of them were older than me…


Make and Do

May 21, 2009

We have such a dubious claim to being a ‘fashion blog’ that we surprise even ourselves when the term gets bandied about. Sure we were nominated in the Irish Blog Awards under that category, and go to the Fashion Blogger’s Brunches, but, really, we like to think of ourselves as ‘Life and Style’ (thanks for the title, Clare Dot). As such, when we actually feature, fashion items it comes as an equal shock to us as to you, dear readers. Nonetheless, a DIY post.

I wanted to have a pair of Rumi-style boots, but do not make megabucks. I am an enterprising creature, however, and fond of not studying for exams. Thusly, I found an old pair of ankle boots, some straps from an old bag, and some chain headbands from Primark, and set to work. And safety pins. I am not an able seamstress.

blog 002
Do you like my lo-fi camera skills? And how about the lay-out of materials you might need? Also, I forgot to take a photo at the very start. Just imagine the boots have no chains on them at all. Ok, great.

Then, basically, I stuck them all on. Literally. With glue. And safety pins. Like I said, I am not an able seamstress. (Unlike the Offshoot Girls, swoon)

blog 004

This is the end result. I’m very excited about wearing them. Except not on my bike. I fear they’ll get caught in the chain and I will end up, really embarrassed, in ER.

blog 003
En-chain-ting, n’est pas?


She Wrote Me A Letter

April 12, 2009




Click here for photos from this month’s T.A.C.


I lied again. It’s now Sunday and I come bearing belated TAC photos and begging forgiveness, so sorry etcetera blah blah. Click on the brotherly-sisterly love above or the blossoming guy love below to view the whole lot, the decision is yours. Then go outside and have a picnic and a dip in the paddling pool.



ATT: person who used the search term girlsass’s to get to our darling blog.

RE: girlsass’s

I apologise if you felt deceived and mislead when you found yourself here, a place where such things are few and far between. I understand that you laboriously worked your way through dozens (I lost count) of pages suggesting websites that were closely, but obviously not closely enough, related to your chosen search term. Ailbhe and I try our very best to please and we were horrified at the thought that we may not have catered to your personal needs. At the same time, we don’t want to offend anyone, so we are prepared to meet you halfway, while still catering to our more prudent readers.

Yes, that’s me in my new Bikini Jeans by Sandra Tanimura for Sanna and I think you all ought to own a pair. A mere seventy-something euro from the sanna website.

You are SO welcome.


p.s. It’s not actually me. GOTCHA. I did, didn’t I?

Never Gonna Give You Up

February 1, 2009

Click here to see the rest of the photos from Tac Take Three.