Remember these guys? Well, they’re at it again. Tonight, in the same space, they’re putting on an exhibition. You should go. It’d be good. Bit of culture. Get out and meet some people like. Yeah. I think so too. See you there? Meet you at the Luas?

Here’s the relevant info:
An exhibition of the new collection by Spanish artist David Agenjo will take place from 23rd July-28th July in Smithfield, Dublin. This exciting new work will be showcased in an unused retail space which has been converted into a pop up gallery.

Agenjo is an artist and graphic designer born and raised in Madrid. In 2007, he moved to Dublin, and the magnitude of that change in his life inspired the creation of his latest collection.

Up & Down in Town collects urban landscapes which show the city from the artist’s perspective. Agenjo’s purpose goes further than a simple representation of images in attempting to reveal the city’s spirit, energy and mood. Agenjo uses a figurative style to expose the emotion of the city’s reality.

“Colour is my delight, I always try to bring out its very best potential working on its’ qualities of light and look for the best combination possible from it. Without a doubt my main objective has been to find that atmosphere which from my point of view makes Dublin unique.”

In addition to Agenjo’s representation of the city, he will also show through five self portraits, a more intimate work, communicating without words a frustration and impotence resulting from the language barrier.


I was massively impressed by the Grafton Academy End of Year Show the other night. Not only was it better run than other shows I’ve been to (not mentioning any names, although having an organised seating plan goes a long way, you know, cough Nokia Young Designer cough) but the standard was sky high. Being an idiot, I left all my notes behind, so this is a vague, cloudily remembered resumé.

-Models wore peroxide blonde bobbed wigs, coupled with feathery eyelashes and a stubborn pout, meaning that, essentially, a young blonde Jean Shrimpton modelled each outfit.

-Pieces were, for the most part, both influenced by avant-fashion, and also immensely wearable. Stand-outs included a beautiful feathered miniskirt, a gorgeously cut silk backless shirt, and a white wool cape.

Annemarie and Arsheen should have better photos up soon, but here’s a selection of the press shots. Youngsters, bien fait*.






*I say ‘youngsters’, most of them were older than me…


Thong Song

June 10, 2009

T.A.C. was PERFECT last night. Click here to see the rest of the photos…

T.A.C. Underwear Party 017
T.A.C. Underwear Party 041
T.A.C. Underwear Party 075
T.A.C. Underwear Party 081
T.A.C. Underwear Party 124
T.A.C. Underwear Party 130
T.A.C. Underwear Party 148
T.A.C. Underwear Party 157

Next stop…

T.A.C. Underwear Party 113

WAR at Spy goes weekly on Friday. Don’t dodge the gunfire, it’s ALCOHOL. Lovely.


june tac

You can’t use the old having nothing to wear excuse tonight, no. Just strip down to your underwear, get to The Button Factory (couple of warm up exercises first maybe), and Bob’s your uncle. There will be the usual mix of hilariously and fabulously dressed people, fun music (THEMED tunes, I hear, oh my) and general LOLs. See you there!



Gang Gang Dancing

June 4, 2009

It’s almost the first Friday of the month (i.e. TOMORROW) Which means it’s time to put dancing shoes on again, and head down to Spy on South William St.

As ever, Katie-Lilga and I are hosting Songs for Swinging Children, wherein we and our lovely friends play lovely music, while everyone else drinks cheap cheap drinks and dances around. It’s rather nice. Hope to see y’all there.


P.S. Photo obtained from Googling ‘kids having fun’. Thank you the Internet.

Hands up who likes nice things, please.
Hands up who likes lovely music, please.
Hands up who likes Ailbhe and Katie-Lilga, please.

Well done. Now that’s settled, combine all three of the above at Spy tonight. Free in, loadsa music and a bottle of wine for a tenner. Amazing. It lives on the internet here.


P.S. Above photo the result of google images’ definition of ‘animals having fun’.

Faits Divers #2

April 14, 2009

1. OMG Harlequin in Castle Market have a half price sale on. Leather jackets for ten earth euros? Dresses for fifteen? Run along stat.

2. Benefit founders Jean and Jane Ford are making a PA at Brown Thomas this Friday. For 40e they’ll do your make-up for you. Plus the money’s redeemable against any Benefit product. Book a place by ringing 01 617 1139.

3. Gosh. We never promote things that actually cost money. Well, seldomly. The above two were exceptions to the rule. Luckily, on Friday the 1st of May, we’ll be hosting the second ever Songs for Swinging Children in Spy. It runs from 7pm-11pm, 2-4-1 (lol) cocktails and all other lovely things. Facebook event here.


She Wrote Me A Letter

April 12, 2009




Click here for photos from this month’s T.A.C.


Andy, You’re A Star

April 4, 2009

At this stage, we’re really just a glorified events guide*, but normal service will resume when FUN THINGS STOP HAPPENING RIGHT AFTER EACH OTHER. So, tonight, we present: Under the Neon.

You’re Only Massive launch their brand new single at The Hideaway House (probably the coolest venue in Dublin) tonight at 6pm. Entry is 5e and will also get you a lovely 7”. Smashing. Y.O.M. will play a set (obv) and so will Babybeef. If that’s not enough, I’ll be running ‘Under the Neon Red Carpet’, which is the reason why my garage is currently full of fairy lights and a massive red carpet. Oh yes. See you there k?


*If this is annoying you, you could go read my boyfriend’s blog. Though it offers less events, it’s stupid funny.


April 1, 2009

Bored on a Friday evening? We can’t be having that. Come one come many to Spy on South William St to the launch of Songs for Swinging Children.

Songs for Swinging Children runs from 7pm-11pm and promises 2 for 1 cocktails, lovely tunes and NO ENTRANCE FEE.

We will play many things, including Cher, Camera Obscura and Chuck Berry. We will also play things that don’t start with ‘C’, obv, but alliteration’s always ace (see what I did there?)

If you’d like us to play you something, leave a comment below. Hope to see y’all there.

Ailbhe + Katie-Lilga