To be sure, to be sure

September 16, 2009

Favourite boots, meet the blog, blog, meet my favourite boots. I will start by saying that this post is specifically directed at those readers who, like me, are sensible (unrealistic), and strong-willed (stubborn), and rarely spend more than €20 on a pair of shoes. Fact is, while they might glitter and shine amongst the dusty tat in a Capel Street charity shop, get C.S.I.’s Calleigh Duquesne and her fancy equipment on their case and she will uncover a layer of glue that has all but given up on sticking stuff together. V. criminal and v. tragic, I know, right? Totally. Over the past year I have thrown out three pairs of FAV EVER shoes after the cobbler’s €2 job lasted less than a day. I’m sure other people have had more success going the professional route but when these two boots started flapping away at the toe I figured it was time for a D.I.Y. After one quick google I decided on Stormsure via this shop on eBay.

I followed the instructions to the letter, was quite generous with the glue, and the 15g tube was enough for the two pairs of boots, the soles of which had become completely detached. So far, there has been no loosening around the edges, but it remains to be seen how a wet Irish winter will affect the result. However, for around the €8 mark, I think this was an excellent solution.

Oh Calleigh (2.10 below, yes).


P.S. Apologies to the 16,000 people who visited this blog for the big Crop Circle Debate ‘09. We do actually talk about other things. Sorry, I mean, we only talk about other things.


Thong Song

June 10, 2009

T.A.C. was PERFECT last night. Click here to see the rest of the photos…

T.A.C. Underwear Party 017
T.A.C. Underwear Party 041
T.A.C. Underwear Party 075
T.A.C. Underwear Party 081
T.A.C. Underwear Party 124
T.A.C. Underwear Party 130
T.A.C. Underwear Party 148
T.A.C. Underwear Party 157

Next stop…

T.A.C. Underwear Party 113

WAR at Spy goes weekly on Friday. Don’t dodge the gunfire, it’s ALCOHOL. Lovely.


june tac

You can’t use the old having nothing to wear excuse tonight, no. Just strip down to your underwear, get to The Button Factory (couple of warm up exercises first maybe), and Bob’s your uncle. There will be the usual mix of hilariously and fabulously dressed people, fun music (THEMED tunes, I hear, oh my) and general LOLs. See you there!



Gang Gang Dancing

June 4, 2009

It’s almost the first Friday of the month (i.e. TOMORROW) Which means it’s time to put dancing shoes on again, and head down to Spy on South William St.

As ever, Katie-Lilga and I are hosting Songs for Swinging Children, wherein we and our lovely friends play lovely music, while everyone else drinks cheap cheap drinks and dances around. It’s rather nice. Hope to see y’all there.


P.S. Photo obtained from Googling ‘kids having fun’. Thank you the Internet.

Ailbhe and Katie-Lilga,

Bluebirds Are So Natural,
The Internet,
The World.

Dear the Blog,

We haven’t been very good recently. Our amazing lives became difficult. The normally fun things that both you and we enjoy have been swallowed by a massive hole of not-fun. Terribly inconvenient. We’ll be back soon, promise, and we’ll spend some quality time. We’ll try and make it up to you. Not sure how. But we totes will. As a present, will you accept a video-clip of our all-time-favourite-thing-ever? That being animals doing things that animals don’t normally do.



Hands up who likes nice things, please.
Hands up who likes lovely music, please.
Hands up who likes Ailbhe and Katie-Lilga, please.

Well done. Now that’s settled, combine all three of the above at Spy tonight. Free in, loadsa music and a bottle of wine for a tenner. Amazing. It lives on the internet here.


P.S. Above photo the result of google images’ definition of ‘animals having fun’.

She Wrote Me A Letter

April 12, 2009




Click here for photos from this month’s T.A.C.



April 1, 2009

Bored on a Friday evening? We can’t be having that. Come one come many to Spy on South William St to the launch of Songs for Swinging Children.

Songs for Swinging Children runs from 7pm-11pm and promises 2 for 1 cocktails, lovely tunes and NO ENTRANCE FEE.

We will play many things, including Cher, Camera Obscura and Chuck Berry. We will also play things that don’t start with ‘C’, obv, but alliteration’s always ace (see what I did there?)

If you’d like us to play you something, leave a comment below. Hope to see y’all there.

Ailbhe + Katie-Lilga

Last Night’s Party

March 28, 2009


WAR launched at Spy last night. There was an upsetting lack of warfare, very misleading. The people were far too nice, the music was way too satisfying, the spin the bottle was too romantic, just love everywhere. All over everything. Sick. I’ll go again though, just to be sure. Click here to see the rest of my photos. You could also click here to join the WAR facebook family.



You Got It, So Bad

March 13, 2009


Cooler than you settled in nicely at it’s new home in Kennedy’s Underground last night. It was superer than you, lovelier than you, funnier than you, friendlier than you, prettier than you…all those good things you know? If you don’t believe me you’ll have to click here for photographic evidence of all the niceness. See y’all at the next one.