Faits Divers

October 22, 2008

Some small small things to round up and put in various boxes. 

Numero Uno: Fair play to Aine and Layla. They’re off to the wonderful wonderful Hat’s Off Party this Friday in the Morrisson hotel, for frees. Everybody else is welcome to go too, but you’ll have to buy a ticket. Luckily, you can do that here.

Uibhir a Do (I know there should be a fada there, but I don’t know how to get fadas on a Mac): Katie-Lilga and I will be throwing down some sweet-ass jams at Soundcheck tomorrow night, under the name Songs for Swinging Children. Come and holla at your girls. Or have a drink.

Numero Trois: Not in Dublin and in London instead? Some dear dear friends of mine can entertain you, with live music, pretty faces and possible chocolate cake. Facebook event ici.

Number Four: Have you booked your swopshop ticket yet? If not, why not? Hurry up!

Normal service will resume soon-some, I promise. We love you dearly.

But not as much as we love John Cusack: