We’re big eurovision fans, round BBASN way.
Does anybody remember this O-town-esque gem, below, from 2002? It even has its own wikipedia page:
“Northern Girl” is a song by the band Prime Minister. It represented Russia in the Eurovision Song Contest 2002. The singers all wore identical white suits. The song was about a girl who appeared to have a heart of ice, but had stolen the heart of the singer.


Now, we have another eurostud (in name if in nothing else), the young Frankmusik , who has written another song about a girl. No word as of yet as to which materials constitute her heart.

Even though these two songs concern two different girls, they are basically the same thing. Maybe we could do a remix, or a ‘mash-up’.



Pretty in P!nk

August 26, 2008

In P(!)nk’s new song [does she still have an exclamation mark in her name? I don’t know when/or if she dropped it. Wikipedia is no help.], she lashes back at her husband, through the medium of angsty pop-rock. Well, ex-husband. She uses clever rhymes, like tonight/fight. She also calls Jessica Simpson ‘Jessica Simp-shit’. This is because she is feisty and doesn’t care what anyone else thinks. She claims that her ‘rock-moves’ will help her ward off woe.

I’m not sure. While she’s full of vitriol and emancipation during the song, her final line sounds deflated. Also, her rap ‘Uh, Check out my flow, uh’ has less lustre than her rap in ‘Get This Party Started’.

P(!)(i)nk premiers the official video tonight-ish on FNTV. On the site there is a poll, asking what viewers are most excited about:

a)P!nk performing!- what she does best!

b) P!nk chopping down a tree!

c) P!nk riding a lawnmower down the street!

d) Everything! It’s P!nk – how can I choose one thing?

I’m most excited about P!nk doing things to do with gardening- that way I get to choose both the lawnmower and the tree-cutting.