Today It’s Your Birthday

January 8, 2009

Today our lovely Katie-Lilga is twenty one earth years old. She shares her birthday with Elvis and my favourite Backstreet Boy- AJ McLean. Her birthday present is currently flying to my house from eBay land, so in the meantime, here’s a filler mixtape present for both K-tizzle and y’all to enjoy. The theme is, naturally, birthdays and birthday parties. You won’t sleep, you won’t want to leave, and you might even kissaboy/girl. Fingers crossed and many many happy returns.

Beastie Boys: No Sleep ’til Brooklyn
Albert Hammond Jr.: Bright Young Thing
Erik Hallden: There’s Always Someone’s Birthday
Foals: Balloons
Alexis Taylor: Coming Up
Jona Lewie: You’ll Always Find Me in the Kitchen at Parties
Au Revoir Simone: Backyards of Our Neighbours
Sonic Youth: Get into the Groove
Does it Offend You, Yeah? : Let’s Make Out (Extended Mix)
The Sandpipers: Never Can Say Goodbye

Get it while it’s hot



Leader Of The Pack

November 9, 2008


Late in the evening, when office blocks have shut, and the library is turning on its night-time lights, a rare breed of Dublin city creature makes its way onto the streets. Fast-moving, slipping and sliding in and out of cars, through red lights and over pedestrian crossings, they stick together. Legs are covered in oil, and brows are lowered to knee-level. They move in their own kind of formation- like a Jacob’s Ladder- folding up down left right all the way home. On a bike, you’re top of the food chain.

The theme of this mixtape is packs of animals. Bands such as the Beatles, Arctic Monkeys and so on aren’t featured. It’d be a bit of a cop-out, and we’re above that kind of thing. Fleet Foxes and Band of Horses could have made their respective ways onto the tracklisting, but there’s always next time.

1. The Zookeeper’s Boy- Mew
2. Packt Like Sardines In A Crushed Tin Box- Radiohead
3. It’s You- Animal Collective
4. We Are Gods! We Are Wolves!- Le Loup
5. Noah’s Ark- Coco Rosie
6. The Owls Go- Architecture in Helsinki
7. Mamma Mia- Dublin Duck Dispensary
8. Wild Packs of Family Dogs- Modest Mouse
9. Diamond Dogs (Live)- David Bowie
10. Dear Sons and Daughters of Hungry Ghosts- Wolf Parade

Go and get it here. Image is from Rachel Denny’s ‘Domestic Trophies’ range.

I’ll have a mmmixtape up before the weekend is out, but here’s a little bitty five-song-set to get you all shoes on, teeth brushed and standing next to the front door, ready and waiting for the weekend.

The Honeys: He’s A Doll

Les Calamités: Toutes les Nuits

N.E.R.D.: Everybody Nose

Missy Elliott: Gossip Folks

Roisín Murphy: Movie Star

Has everybody got their house keys? Give us a call when you’re on your way home. x

Sense and Sense-ibilty

June 28, 2008

Mixtape number 4. Holla.
Texture is the theme. Stroke velvet, run a ribbon through your fingers, dip your hand into some sugar, read Braille and stick out your hands while running through the woods.

1. Velvet Nightmare- Frank Black
2. Al Sharp- The Beta Band
3. Raw Sugar- Metric
4. Tissue Shoulders- The Maccabees
5. Gold Intro Straw- Brendan Benson
6. Castles Made of Sand- Jimi Hendrix Experience
7. Ashes to Ashes- David Bowie
8. A Ribbon- Devendra Banhardt
9. Braille- Regina Spektor
10. Be Still- The Woods

Go here and listen to it. Then buy it a drink, maybe dinner, and take it home with you.

Suggested by Tom today’s theme is ROADTRIP.

Seatbelts on? Helmets fastened? Applewagons hitched? Right-oh, off we go.

1. 180 G’s – Car Bomb 

2. Interpol- Stella Was A Driver And She Was Always Down

3. Be Your Own Pet- Bicycle Bicycle You Are My Bicycle

4. Crystal Castles- Air War

5. Outkast- Rosa Parks

6. Modest Mouse- Convenient Parking

7. The Bees- Go Karts

8. The Boy Least Likely To- I’m Glad I Hitched My Apple Wagon To Your Star

9. Le Loup- Outside of This Car, The End of The World!

10. Psapp- Tricycle

Mixtape can be found here.

I would post the usual caveat about fearing record label reprecussions, but today, I’m gonna play it fast and loose. It’s not as if I have anything of worth that they can get off me. Except my bicycle…


April 20, 2008

Hells Yeah. It’s another slammin’ mixtape!

It’s about learnin’- you know readin’ writin’  ‘rithmatic and important items like that.

School’s cool compadres.


C-H-I-C-K-E-N Spells Chicken- McGee Bros.

Twentytwofourteen- The Album Leaf

#1- Animal Collective

23- Blonde Redhead

Parallel or Together?- Ted Leo and the Pharmacists

An Open Letter to NYC- Beastie Boys

This Is How You Spell ‘Hahaha….’- Los Campesinos

Parentheses- Blow

A Case of Getting From B to C- Urlaub in Polen

Mathletics- Foals


As ever- if you don’t want your song up here, say the word. I live in fear of offending people.

Any ideas for future mixtapes? Lemme know.

xxx ailbhe



Katie and I are having a musical listening tea party. Put on your best frock, your spiffiest waistcoat. Polish your shoes and or your nails.

All the songs are about things to eat/drink/use/do at a tea party. Woot.

If you go here ( you can listen along with us. Obviously, I am not very good at internety things, so it may be held together with technological sticky-tape…

Tracklisting is thus:

1. Soda Pop- Britney Spears

2. Sugar Pie- Har Mar Superstar

3. Choco Fight- Deerhoof

4. China Girl- David Bowie

5. Cheeseburger- Gang of Four

6. Don’t Mug Yourself- The Streets

7. Cream- Prince

8. Brown Sugar- The Rolling Stones

9. Pot Kettle Black- Wilco

10. My Brownish Sugar Plum- Blind Boy Fuller.

The usual promises apply- if it’s your track/soul that I’m linking to, and you don’t like me doing it, tell me soonsome and I’ll make it disappear.