New In Town

April 29, 2009

The new Little Boots video is finally on the internet, free and happily roaming like some kind of young animal. Earlier on today though, it was not. That being the case, I constructed a blow by blow re-enactment (not in the Tom McCarthy way, more in an E True Hollywood Story way.)

This is basically what happens. In pictures. If you’d like to recreate the sense of watching a music video, you could maybe wiggle your computer screen a bit. Or blink quickly.

1. Little Boots is in a car. Here is a picture of a car.

2. Little Boots sees some homeless people with trolleys. She is wearing a mermaid dress. This is a picture of a mermaid figurine:

3. Little Boots has a dance with the trolleys. Here are some old people dancing with trolleys. They are not Little Boots.

4. Little Boots seems to wander into The Wire. Here is a picture of some wire.

There are also some more cars, but we’ve looked at a picture of a car already. The real video is here, if you need to see it. I think the above is quite enough though.



Bit of a hair-crush going on over here. Elly Jackson, where have you BEEN all my life?

I think I’d probably need some wax and/or hairspray, but I think this could totes be the beginning of something beautiful. Elly and Ben Langmaid a.k.a. La Roux play support to Lily Allen in the Academy in Dublin on the 16th of March. If you can’t make it, sign up to their mailing list to download La Roux’s debut single for frees, or, watch the follow-up on the fake iphone gadget they’ve got going on over at their Myspace.

Following on from Jim’s thread about music documentaries, BBC Four are currently showing the smashingsuperextraWONDERFUL ‘Standing in the Shadows of Motown’. It’s an award-winning documentary about the Funk Brothers– a group of musicians who played the backing to most of the Motown records. I don’t like saying ‘played the backing’ though, because really, that undermines what a spectacular group of individuals they were. Here, they talk about creating the intro to my favourite song in the whole wide many-oceaned world:

The documentary is spliced with footage from a 2002 concert, with cameos from Chaka Khan, Joan Osbourne, Bootsy Collins and Ben Harper.

You can buy the soundtrack, the dvd, and the book it’s based on here, or if you’re a lucky BBC iplayer person, you can watch it here. If not, BBC 4 are showing it again at 2am tonight. Well worth staying up for.

Does anyone mind if we close this post with a little bit of Marvin? The video’s a bit industrial, but it’s the only one I could find that had the tambourine intro. That intro breaks my heart right in two, every single time.


omg i like denimz too

Would everybody like a brief look into my musical past? YES! oh oh okay. At the turn of the century, all I would listen to was Mary J. Blige and Ashanti. A significant turning point came when, in 2002, I had the choice between splashing out on The Very Best (it really was) of Pure R ‘n’ B Vol. 2 or The Calling’s LOVELY Camino Palmero (first blog to mention this album in a favourable way more than once? probably.). After one hella deep breath, I chose the latter. However, before this dramatic life-changing event, even before Dr. Dre gave me a prescription for a daily dose of No More Drama, I was a full on girlband addict and severe wannabe (zigga ziggahh). If I were able to root out my old diaries as Ailbhe has done recently (mine are long since torn up in embarrassment) you would be sure to find my ‘top threes’. In the musical sense it would include the likes of Spice Girls, B*Witched, All Saints, Eternal and possibly even Cleopatra at some point. But really, in my eyes, there was only one all girl group worthy of worldwide appreciation and fame. Girls 2000. Never heard of them? Formed in the late half of the 1990s, Girls 2000 consisted of two sisters and a some-amount-of-times-removed cousin (none of these were me or relatives of mine…Okay so one of them was me and two of them were relatives of mine). The following is an exclusive look at the lyrics from their first single, stunning…just…stunning.

Extra! Extra! Read all about it the girls are back in town!
Makeway! Gateway! For the Girls 2000!
Girls 2000 are here, and nobody’s safe, nobody’s
From their love, their power, their sweet devour!

(note the excessive use of exclamation marks.)

We definitely exercised our artistic license and made up words along the way for the sake of a good rhyme. We definitely bought shoes from the bargain bin in Penneys and spray painted them gold and silver. I definitely teamed these with a pair of orange cat tights from The Sock Shop (up there in my ‘top threes’ of shopping destinations at the time), a black velvet skirt and a stripey woollen polo neck.

Somewhere out there is a grainy video of Girls 2000’s first and only public appearance at a Christmas party. I need it quite urgently. I would treasure it forever and only wish I could say the same for my poor old diaries.

Hopefully, you will all get a look into the mind of teenage Ailbhe very soon with a couple of diary extracts. She might even tell you about the conceptual band (with actual instruments) that she started back in transition year, The Xams.


deep-rooted love

November 8, 2008


I’ve been pulling a variety of strange faces today. The responsibility for this lies in the hands of one very funny joke, one very awfully awful bit of weather and one very emotional X Factor Results Show. Speaking of faces, you’ll be wanting to show yours at our fast approaching SwopShop. Tickets at €5 each can be reserved be e-mailing roughgempresents[AT]gmail[DOT]com.

Basics are handy to know, basically, so allow me. Bring up to five items of clothing in good, clean, wearable condition to The Loft in the Powerscourt Centre from 4.30 p.m. on November 20th. Receive tokens in return. At five the browsing begins and you can use your tokens to buy everybody else’s lovely lovely things. You have nothing to barter? CALM DOWN AND NEVER FEAR, there will also be vintage and handmade clothing and accessories with a maximum price of €10, cakes, punch, DJs, a make-up artist and a photo booth.

Yes. We think it sounds amazing also.

Rust Never Sleeps

November 1, 2008

I suppose this only really applies to our UK readers, but hop skip and jump over to BBC4’s iplayer and re-watch their smashing smashing supergood Neil Young documentary. [Unfortunately iplayer is only availbe to those living in the UK, which is incredibly irritating, at best.] If you don’t live across the waves, or you missed the original screening last night, here are some of the condensed highlights.

1. When asked about his relationship with music, Young responded: ‘I only care about the music. It’s sad. But if you can’t see that about me, you can’t understand me.’ Throughout his career, he let friendships fall to the wayside, for better to serve his creative muse. He didn’t see it as a selfish thing, more as an imperative. It wasn’t about him, it was about the music.

2. In the ’70’s, he collaborated on a feature film with Devo- in which they played nuclear waste workers. Devo used to call Young ‘grandpa granola’. Lolz. They also had abitofajam- which resulted in the Neil Young and Crazy Horse track- ‘My My Hey Hey’. The album that track is from- ‘Rust Never Sleeps’ takes its title from a Devo promotional t-shirt.

3. Young’s 1980’s record- Trans- was a brave foray in the world of electronica, leading to mixed results. What was interesting though, was how open Young was, and is, to all new music. From the outbreak of punk rock in 1977, to the rise of electronica in the 80’s, he was always willing to follow the music, as it were. The genre didn’t really matter- just the content. These guys were one of his favourites:

Apparently, the beeb have a new Neil Young website up and running, that may well have some kind of offcuts from the documentary. Here’s fingers crossed.

oh susannahhhhh

October 18, 2008

Diana, even.

Considering a move to britain so I can vote for her.

Thoroughly suggest you all hop, skip and/or jump on over to this one. If you are busy, just see it as a relaxing and cultured form of procrastination…Somewhat like the way that I am writing this post while the piles of crap in my bedroom look increasingly larger, more sinister, and much more likely to engulf me at any given second not to mention the open sketchbook beside me that looks depressingly empty, uninspiring and much more likely to lead to me failing my first assessment of the college term on Monday.

Now, I suggest we all stall it over to youtube to watch some Diana Vickers videos.


Los Angeles Calling

October 5, 2008

BAM i’m back. Yes go on…welcome me…with open arms yes…little wider…wider…that’s better. I feel the need to return with a BANG…a BLAST even. Blast from the past, perhaps?

I always find it unnerving the way music can have the ability to transport you back to a certain time or place in your life. It can leave you feeling bewildered and unprepared to deal with the emotions and memories it drags from somewhere deep in your mind. There is one band that causes this reaction in me more than any other. Let’s take some time to appreciate the most under-appreciated band in the history of music, The Calling. I’d like to think that they are everybody’s guilty pleasure but truth is, most can probably safely and honestly say that, in their opinion, The Calling are not their cup of tea, coffee, or whatever varierty of hot drink it is that gets them off. I’m on a quest to find someone who feels the same way about them as I do. I devoted more of my earspace to their debut album Camino Palmero back in 2001 than I have to any other album to date, so much so that I have become preoccupied with the notion that every song written ever since sounds just like one of theirs. It takes one identical note in any song and I will launch into my account of the facts that led to the downfall of The Calling from the chart throne which, in a nutshell, is that every other musician was sooo jealous of Alex Band & Co’s super amazing talent that they sabotaged them and took apart their songs with a fine-toothed comb and proceeded to share the little snippets of musical genius amongst themselves. Yeah, true story. Or perhaps their second album ‘Two’ was really really really bad (guffaw, as if). I wouldn’t know as I…eh…didn’t listen to it once. So all you Calling fan(s), speak up, we are soulmates you see. We have lots of lost time to make up for. Perhaps we could be penpals.

Youtube embedding is ‘disabled by request’ on all of The Calling’s videos. Not happy. As a result, I really shouldn’t do the right thing and mention that lead singer, Alex Band, is pursuing a solo career and has been honoured with a place on the soundtrack for Bratz: The Movie, but I’m just nice like that.

If you’re wondering who or what occupied second place in my earspace rankings it was this absolute TUNE that featured on a TV Hits compilation tape from heaven.

Now excuse me, I have some colouring-in to be catching up on.


p.s. Don’t forget to click on the link in the post below to see Ailbhe transported through the power of the internet to the world of Amelia’s magazine. I give her an A+. Amazing Ameliated Ailbhe.

remember electric picnic 2008 my friends?

‘electric picnic is sooo two weeks ago.’ i hear you groan.

well. yes. that’s correct.

anyway, where was i? yes. click here and scroll down a smidge to see Dan Deacon’s questioningly successful human whirlpool in the Little Big Tent as seen and filmed by such international superstars as Franz Ferdinand. we’ve always been ones for the shuffling, and we do it so well. i didn’t go see Franz Ferdinand on the weekend but i do look forward to welcoming them back into my ears. i missed them.

yeh. so, what i’m really getting at is that, in the words of Natasha Bedingfield give or take a letter or two, i wanna have Electric Picnic’s babies. never never have i ever wanted to have the babies of something that isn’t human to such an extent. there was so much to do and see and it’s impossible not to love it when you’re surrounded by people of all ages grinning like complete fools. from the children frolicking about and doing arts and crafts to the two old ladies i spotted kitted out with their new runners and little backpacks, disposable cameras at the ready. those ladies now define my hopes for my own future. being a crazy cat lady has been downgraded. however i’d like to bring my minolta x-300 in place of their choice of disposable cameras, we had fun, minolta and me.

i demand to know who runs electric picnic? i will hug you.