Today It’s Your Birthday

January 8, 2009

Today our lovely Katie-Lilga is twenty one earth years old. She shares her birthday with Elvis and my favourite Backstreet Boy- AJ McLean. Her birthday present is currently flying to my house from eBay land, so in the meantime, here’s a filler mixtape present for both K-tizzle and y’all to enjoy. The theme is, naturally, birthdays and birthday parties. You won’t sleep, you won’t want to leave, and you might even kissaboy/girl. Fingers crossed and many many happy returns.

Beastie Boys: No Sleep ’til Brooklyn
Albert Hammond Jr.: Bright Young Thing
Erik Hallden: There’s Always Someone’s Birthday
Foals: Balloons
Alexis Taylor: Coming Up
Jona Lewie: You’ll Always Find Me in the Kitchen at Parties
Au Revoir Simone: Backyards of Our Neighbours
Sonic Youth: Get into the Groove
Does it Offend You, Yeah? : Let’s Make Out (Extended Mix)
The Sandpipers: Never Can Say Goodbye

Get it while it’s hot



Big thumbs up to Miss Lilga for her big big news. (See the last post).

If you’d like to see how I spent my last night of fun before my finals begin, go to the anablog.

xxx a



Fashion moves at a furious pace. Only today, I heard the following snippet of conversation:

‘But last year I had to push you around all the Pashmina shops in town!’

The obvious question to ask is, of course, are there that many Pashmina shops in Dublin town? Even more curious is what has happened to change the recepient’s view of Pashminas? Surely, she would have been better retaining her erstwhile disdain. The Pashmina has very little place in Modern Life.

This is the kind of thing that Market Researchers know the answer to. Market Researchers are like Detectives, except instead of ‘suspects’, they search for ‘niches’. And instead of ‘leads’, they have ‘focus groups’.

I wonder if any Market Researchers have ever tried to solve crime. I suppose they’d be very focused. And goal-orientated. Though maybe they like Pashminas. I’ve already made my feelings on Pashminas clear.