Thong Song

June 10, 2009

T.A.C. was PERFECT last night. Click here to see the rest of the photos…

T.A.C. Underwear Party 017
T.A.C. Underwear Party 041
T.A.C. Underwear Party 075
T.A.C. Underwear Party 081
T.A.C. Underwear Party 124
T.A.C. Underwear Party 130
T.A.C. Underwear Party 148
T.A.C. Underwear Party 157

Next stop…

T.A.C. Underwear Party 113

WAR at Spy goes weekly on Friday. Don’t dodge the gunfire, it’s ALCOHOL. Lovely.



june tac

You can’t use the old having nothing to wear excuse tonight, no. Just strip down to your underwear, get to The Button Factory (couple of warm up exercises first maybe), and Bob’s your uncle. There will be the usual mix of hilariously and fabulously dressed people, fun music (THEMED tunes, I hear, oh my) and general LOLs. See you there!



She Wrote Me A Letter

April 12, 2009




Click here for photos from this month’s T.A.C.


You Got It, So Bad

March 13, 2009


Cooler than you settled in nicely at it’s new home in Kennedy’s Underground last night. It was superer than you, lovelier than you, funnier than you, friendlier than you, prettier than you…all those good things you know? If you don’t believe me you’ll have to click here for photographic evidence of all the niceness. See y’all at the next one.


Never Gonna Give You Up

February 1, 2009

Click here to see the rest of the photos from Tac Take Three.



All The Lovely People

January 25, 2009

Big shout out radio style to the lovely commenters on the previous post. Somewhere on a ski slope in some country or other Ailbhe is thinking of you all, a single appreciative tear rolling down her cheek and freezing half way resulting in a small but excruciatingly painful patch of frostbite. Also to the man who may indeed have been an actual knight in shining armour, I can’t quite remember, who delivered a friend and I from evil and straight to a taxi on Thursday night when we were descended upon by four chuckling men on Grafton Street. Also to my heros, Sarah and Alan, who will welcome you to The Button Factory for TAC this Tuesday. It only happens once a month, so you shouldn’t miss the chance to gather together for a night of freakshow circus-themed fun while their arms remain lovingly opened. However, there will be no big shout out radio style to the many obnoxious people that could be encountered last night in a certain club…we consoled ourselves with the fact that they probably all required anger management, if not now, then at least when the trauma (inevitably severe in their cases) associated with male pattern baldness sets in, poker-straight-side-fringe first, it’s only a matter of decades, just a warning. Where was I, ah yes, have a look at this see…
TAC myspace
TAC facebook
Ugly Megan


Dance Dance Dance

January 18, 2009

We’re only back from the 6th Blogger’s Brunch and, dare I say it, I’ve eaten at least my own body weight in Eggs Benedict. Which is no bad thing. Word on the street is that people want our set-list from Transmission last night. Right-oh:

1. Shake Your Rump- Beastie Boys
2. 17- Ladytron
3. 1234- Feist (Van She Remix)

4. Do It Right- Go! Team
5. Ready for the Floor- Hot Chip
6. Stuck on Repeat- Little Boots

7. Babooshka- Kate Bush
8. Ring My Bell- Donna Summers
9. 2 of Hearts- Stacy Q
10. Burning Down the House- Talking Heads

11. Town Called Malice- The Jam
12. Juicebox- The Strokes
13. Hash Pipe- Weezer
14. Date With the Night- Yeah Yeah Yeahs
15. Hey Scenesters- The Cribs
16. Romantic Rights- DFA 1979

17. Sound of the Underground- Girls Aloud
18. Money- The Flying Lizards
19. Happy as Annie- Larrikin Love
20. Only You- XX Teens

21. Semi Precious Weapons- Semi Precious Weapons
22. Cheer It On- Tokyo Police Club
23. Single Ladies- Beyoncé

In other news, I’m off skiing for the week. I don’t own any practical leisure-wear. For reals. I own, maybe, one pair of tracksuit bottoms, but at least 3 velour rompers. I can’t see this being a problem.


pic from cooler’s facebook

Aside from the usual ‘olsen twins’, ‘m.i.a.’, ‘mia’, ‘m i a’, ‘sugababes’, ‘sugar babes’ etcetera search terms leading to people to this here blog, recently there’s been a lot of ‘twisted pepper swop shop’ related searches coming our way also. So just for you curious people, I’m going to do a quick fill-in. A new indie night kicks off in the Twisted I-like-it-because-it’s-large Pepper this Thursday 15th January. It shall be known as Cooler Than You. It’s the usual COME HITHER STUDENTS I’M REAL CHEAP deal, with a COOL 5 euro at the door, COOL 3 euro beers and COOL 4 euro vodka and red bull, pretty darn COOL. And yes, it will also feature a COOL swop shop…sorry, party (fingers crossed for COOL old-fashioned party games of pass the parcel and musical statues), so do bring along your COOL unwanted clothes, accessories, dvds, records, cds, cats, dogs, vermin, little brothers and sisters. Do you see how many times I’ve had to use the word COOL? For Pete’s sake, go to the Twisted Pepper this Thursday.

Curiosity still not satisfied? Or want to be virtual cyberspace friends with the club night itself? It lives at facebook and myspace, go say HELLO.

I groan at the thought of another new club night because I know I shall want to go and, hell, I’ll probably really enjoy myself, but really all I want to do is sit around and eat and read and stuff and never go out again. So I’m ‘maybe attending’ facebook styley.


little drummer boys and girls

December 24, 2008


Such a variety of lovely people entirely intoxicated with the insane TAC spirit.

Click on one of these images to view the entire gallery…






I’ll put a few of these better quality ones on my flickr also.

I’ve already had a hefty Christmas feast and let me tell you, you’re all in for a right treat tomorrow. Yes Christmas dinner is still tasting as good as ever.

Merry Christmas!



Are you stuck for somethingverynice to do this evening? Would you like to buy some food that is either vegan, or cake? Would you like to listen to some earmusic? Would you like to donate to the Simon Community?

If you haven’t figured it out yet, I’m not asking questions just for the sake of rhetorical effect, I’m building up to something. Our lovely friends from the Joy Gallery at Redspace are hosting a Christmas event. They promise ‘stalls from Cake Cafe, Blazing Salads, art, records, clothes from 4pm until around 7pm/8pm along with some films and music; followed by bands (Cap Pas Cap/ Skinny Wolves), DJ’s, and more films. Bring your own booze! it will run late; and there will be some surprises, secret guests and a raffle with original photography donated by Brian Cross (B+) and CANDY Collective.’

How wonderful, how wonderful.