February is looking hella awesome right now. This weekend, there’s a FBB on and I have a wonderful visitor to show around Dublin and hold hands with. Then on Monday, it’s my BIRTHDAY. That’s not the best bit though, on the 21st of February, Katie-Lilga and I are going on a micro-holiday. We’re going to spend 24 whole hours in Cork, doing the following things.

1. Staying in a hotel that not only has 47 guestrooms, 2 ground floor meeting rooms and 11 serviced holiday suites, it also has a heated courtyard garden with a floodlit waterfall. So excited. Here’s a photo of the waterfall:

2. During our whirlwind trip, we plan to visit every single charity shop in Cork that we can. The easiest way to accomplish this is to click here and type in the city that you want. Ovo for us that would be Cork.

3. In the evening, we’re going to go to the Blog Awards. So far, we’ve been nominated for Best Group Blog, Best Fashion Blog and Best Arts and Culture Blog. It’d be swell if we won something, but since we don’t even know how to vote, this seems unlikely.

4. We’d also like to eat well, and this is where y’all come in. Is there anywhere delicious and cheap and lovely to eat breakfast/dinner/cake in Cork city? We’re very fond of eating and cake. Hook us up yo.



I’ll have a mmmixtape up before the weekend is out, but here’s a little bitty five-song-set to get you all shoes on, teeth brushed and standing next to the front door, ready and waiting for the weekend.

The Honeys: He’s A Doll

Les Calamités: Toutes les Nuits

N.E.R.D.: Everybody Nose

Missy Elliott: Gossip Folks

Roisín Murphy: Movie Star

Has everybody got their house keys? Give us a call when you’re on your way home. x

Last night my phone jumped into the toilet. just like that. no warning. in it jumped. what does one do with a depressed waterlogged phone? the beverage i ordered in the particular establishment where the event occured tasted suspiciously like toilet water so i figure if it’s good enough to drink i don’t need to treat my phone like a nuclear hazard or anything. but i do want it dry.

anyway i’ll come back to that laters.

i would like to introduce to you a new snazzy blog feature. in doing so i am going to do something that i’m not sure is the done thing or legal or whatnot and borrow a phrase from a daily read of mine, The Spanish Exposition (that girl can write. and you can read. hop to it.). yes my friends it’s the moment you’ve been waiting for, the bluebirds are so natural youtube tenpenny bag. (if you want your phrase unborrowed i promise to return it safely.) now i know the post in question didn’t exactly rave about them but i can’t help it, in my eyes, every tenpenny bag is a little dreamfilled bundle of joy to be treasured and appreciated. and this particular one is on sale. one hundred percent off. and to come back to my original dilemma, this months tenpenny bag is telephooone themed. enjoooy.

The Douchiest Phone Message In History

AutoErotica (children of the world, ears closed.)

Because This Game Should Never Be Forgotten

for those of you awaiting swops from me, apologies, i got all busy over the last few days, i’ll be in touch! and as for the rest of you, the shirts and rose print dress are still available, have a look-see