That’s Bluebirds Are So Natural PRESENTS. As in gifts. Yes! I cleared out my wardrobe, and found somethings that while I didn’t want to keep, I didn’t want to give to charity. Nor did I really want to sell them. So, so so so so I thought I’d give them AWAY! As long as the postage isn’t crazy dear, I will happily post them off to newer, loving homes. If you’d like (and I think this is a smashing idea) you could trade me something back. Don’t feel obliged. It just means that I’d whinge less about having to pay Dublin’s extortionate postal costs. Right-oh, here’re the goods. 1.Vintage wool skirt. 26in waist. About knee-length. 2. Vintage gold top. Size 10. 3. Cardigan with lovely lovely customized sailor buttons. Size 10. Enjoy enjoy enjoy. If you’re interested, comment with yo’ email address. First come first served. xxx a