If you’d like to advertise with Bluebirds Are So Natural, or want to chat with us about anything, email: bluebirdsaresonatural AT gmail DOT com

We are available for functions and openings and bar mitzvahs.

Or leave a comment and we’ll get right back on it.

Follow us on twitter?
Ailbhe: http://www.twitter.com/ailbhetross
Katie: http://www.twitter.com/katiemaintains


8 Responses to “Contact”

  1. Laura de B said

    Hey Ailbhe My friend just set up a ne wetsy account checkkk it out! How are things?


  2. Brid Maloney said

    Hi Ailbhe,

    Brid anseo, o Waddell Media. Nil me san oifig inniu, agus mar sin nil d’uimhir agam…an feidir scairt gasta a cuir orm, 0863108176 – ba mhaith liom socruchain a dheanamh le buailleadh suas leat.

    Le gach dea ghui.

  3. grace said


    (micheal says hello too)

  4. am adding you to my blogroll, hope that’s ok with you?

  5. andy said

    I belive that all the crop circles are signs from time travels telling us 0d 1000A 2000B 3000C 0d that all time and worlds are one in one i tri to tell this on my site freewebs.com/youcannotchangewhatsmeant i belive soon ther will be a crop circles E=MC2=[SHC] AND YOU WILL THINK ABOUT WHOT IS WRITTIN HERA

  6. richard said

    The photos are really amazing, its so interesting..

  7. MissA said

    I would love the heart and key necklace and bracelet set.. How do I go out it :).. Xx

  8. I know of blog starting websites like web and wetpaint, but I hear google has a program that helps people do blogs. Does anyone know the name of the program? If not, any one know some good blogging websites?.

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