Never Gonna Give You Up

February 1, 2009

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oh susannahhhhh

October 18, 2008

Diana, even.

Considering a move to britain so I can vote for her.

do your neighbour a favour

September 3, 2008

it’s really very rare for me to come across a blog that inspires me, rather than just entertaining me for a few minutes of my day. but fellow lomo-lover and art-uni-newbie, annah, has provided me with just that. i’ve been a follower of her old blog and her flickr for some time but her new blog, adventures in lo-fi-land, just takes it all to the next level. expect self-portraits, polaroids, beautiful diana f+ shots and great outfits. it’s really exciting to watch someone else’s talent develop the way annah’s has over the last few months.


Tiki Ay Oh, Tiki Ay Oh

March 15, 2008


Clare Doherty, bringing a delicious combo of textures, patterns, and colours to the chilly streets of Amsterdam.