Things that are left in the swop shop:

1. Green pussy-bow shirt

2. White and yellow check shirt

3. Green Tea Dress.

4. Gold Top 

Who will have them?

Answers in the comment section.


3 Responses to “The Writing’s On The Wall”

  1. George said

    any one want a faux diamond collar worn once but continually?also one each of the following ladies green wedge sandal. mans tan slip-on shoe, childs sandal,and mans black lace up shoe

    Any one interested in the following; one ladies green wedge sandal, one boys sandal, one mans tan slip on shoe and one mans black lace up shoe? Also willing to swop a l
    black leather and faux diamond collar worn only once but on a continous basis

  2. Rrrrobb said

    I read this thinking to myself “Hmm,I wonder if that shoe is still up for grabs”.I’m such a fool!

  3. tcup said

    green tea dress sounds nice, i have a peach “love label” guna i got in topshop that doesn’t fit worn once happily swap it for that!

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