Anyone else feel a bit overwhelmed?* Me too. Katie-Lilga three. Hate April. HATE it. With the force of my Granny’s love for the Pope. (Srsly, Gran got a letter from the Pope the other day). So, what could make April better?

1. Snacks. For defs. Banana on crackers p’raps?

2. Bangin’ choons like the new Patrick Wolf.

3. New internet people in the vein of the now long-lost Eoin NEIL Changes His Look.

4. And this song. Always this song.

*BTW, for the etymology of ‘whelmed’ check out Bianca’s thesis in TTIHAY



Like A Wrestler, Yessir

March 4, 2009

Bullet points again, which can only mean one thing, I’m up to my oxters in college work…

1. I’m a fan of grime, and, despite his baffling bio (‘spurned on by his mates’?) I do like Chipmunk.

2. In other grime news, Lady Sovereign returns, carrying a Cure sample and some girl-ier duds. She’s lost her earlier swagger though. And her sense of humour. And rhythm. Not impressed.

3. Hop across to Catriona and Becky for some f-f-f-f-photographs and f-f-f-phun. Or, if not go BLN-ward and read how Megan’s Germanically capitalized and beneath-the-bread-line days are filled.


A Wim Ba Wop

February 24, 2009


Children, Friends and Assorted Scenery, please come out and play tonight. I’m going to be a zebra. Katie’s going to be a lion. It’s all going to be magical. Stuck for something to wear? Pop the below beauty on. It’s only 280e. Steal.


See you later, yeah?

An Indiecater Christmas

December 8, 2008


1. The Cloud Room – Melody, Like Snow
2. Nina Hynes – Twinkle
3. Kill Krinkle Club – Songs Of Noel
4. Bill Baird – Christmas In Jail
5. Idaho – Santa Claus Is Weird
6. Venice Is Sinking – The Grey Line
7. Normandy – Merry Christmas, Blogosphere!
8. The Very Most – This Year, Christmas Came November 4th
9. Remington Super 60 – Here Comes Christmas
10. Jape & David Kitt – I Will Cry This Christmas
11. The Specimen – Wish It Would Snow
12. Nonstop Everything – There Is No Santa, Little Boy
13. My Teenage Stride – Is It Christmastime Already?
14. Dora Flood – Coastal Winter
15. Loxsly – Santa Got The Spins
16. Track A Tiger – Once In The Wine
17. The Winks – Action Figures

There are rules to writing a Christmas song. Firstly, it’s best if you use some form of bells in the accompaniment. Sleigh bells, preferably. Jape and David Kitt, Kill Krinkle Klub and Normandy all oblige nicely. Secondly, perhaps one should reference a Christmas carol if at all possible. Loxsly’s ‘Santa Got The Spins’ resurrects a morose ‘Jingle Bell Rock’ to soundtrack a tale of Santa gone A.W.O.L. and Idaho’s equally bleak ‘Santa Claus is Weird’ ends upon the drum riff from ‘Little Drummer Boy’. Thirdly, never be ambivalent about one’s feelings towards Christmas. Happy or sad are the choices available. A lonely hipster on Christmas Eve (‘Merry Christmas, Blogosphere!) nestles under the Christmas tree beside Jape and David Kitt, who both promise that they too ‘will cry this Christmas’, while, on the other end of the spectrum, My Teenage Stride and Remington Super 60 both celebrate the season of giving, mince pies, and tangled outdoor lights.

However, sometimes songs refuse to follow the ground-rules. ‘Action Figures’ by The Winks is one of the strongest tracks on the record. Child-like vocals whisper excitedly about presents being hidden under the stairs, while a low man’s voice intones ‘I hurt myself making your gift/ Needed three stitches across my ribs’. B.S.S. strings and reverb fade into an answerphone message, melting into a kaleidoscope of sound and wonder. It’s the musical equivalent of lights for a Christmas tree that flash on, and off, and then, suddenly, keep flashing on for fifteen minutes straight. Magical.

The record costs €6.50 and is available from the Indiecater Website, but, if you’d like to whet your appetite, you can download Nina Hynes’s track ‘Twinkle’ for frees here.

Leader Of The Pack

November 9, 2008


Late in the evening, when office blocks have shut, and the library is turning on its night-time lights, a rare breed of Dublin city creature makes its way onto the streets. Fast-moving, slipping and sliding in and out of cars, through red lights and over pedestrian crossings, they stick together. Legs are covered in oil, and brows are lowered to knee-level. They move in their own kind of formation- like a Jacob’s Ladder- folding up down left right all the way home. On a bike, you’re top of the food chain.

The theme of this mixtape is packs of animals. Bands such as the Beatles, Arctic Monkeys and so on aren’t featured. It’d be a bit of a cop-out, and we’re above that kind of thing. Fleet Foxes and Band of Horses could have made their respective ways onto the tracklisting, but there’s always next time.

1. The Zookeeper’s Boy- Mew
2. Packt Like Sardines In A Crushed Tin Box- Radiohead
3. It’s You- Animal Collective
4. We Are Gods! We Are Wolves!- Le Loup
5. Noah’s Ark- Coco Rosie
6. The Owls Go- Architecture in Helsinki
7. Mamma Mia- Dublin Duck Dispensary
8. Wild Packs of Family Dogs- Modest Mouse
9. Diamond Dogs (Live)- David Bowie
10. Dear Sons and Daughters of Hungry Ghosts- Wolf Parade

Go and get it here. Image is from Rachel Denny’s ‘Domestic Trophies’ range.

I’ll have a mmmixtape up before the weekend is out, but here’s a little bitty five-song-set to get you all shoes on, teeth brushed and standing next to the front door, ready and waiting for the weekend.

The Honeys: He’s A Doll

Les Calamités: Toutes les Nuits

N.E.R.D.: Everybody Nose

Missy Elliott: Gossip Folks

Roisín Murphy: Movie Star

Has everybody got their house keys? Give us a call when you’re on your way home. x

I’m lifting this thread from Ciarán. Why isn’t this played more often? She says ‘Shucks’ in the chorus, and there’s an awesome vocal pedal note in the middle 8. Also some nice early 1990’s mild bondage evoked in the verses. Always a treat.

It is both Father’s Day and my Vati’s birthday today. So I made him this wonderful cake. Cakes are a key trend this summer, doncha know.